Recovery Chapter 6: Gluttony


Our fantasies and desires can negatively impact those around us if our pursuit is too relentless. Jack reflects of related experiences in this poem.


Give in for he’s all consuming
Ideas, themes, perspectives, He feeds on them
A pursuit for enlightenment
Absorbing all the useful
Whether relevant or not
Ones and zeros must be extracted
No shield or sword
Hopeless to the lustful desire
Hungry for it all
Better self
Better mind
Better body
Inform, process, apply, repeat

Deserts left in the wake
Drained and withered
The hosts of the mind struggle
To keep up with demand for supply
No time to recover or feeds
No breaks
The system needs more zeros and ones
“Must not crash”
Not a single inch of green seen for ages
Workers beg for a pause
AI, cold and heartless, does not compute
It does not process such requests
At the cost of life
At the cost of rest