Here’s the confirmation that there will be no imitation

Packed a childhood in a folder
Shredded the evidence
Cigarette in hand
Silhouette is all that’s left
Interpretation of the world takes a sharp left
No regrets faced in the first death
Identification blurs away the link
Thought the monster was defeated or dead
How these things grab hold

Fantastic, it’s cold out
I’m laughing as I fight back this scream that’s bubbling out

Little did I know I’m still runnin’ from this boulder
It’s gotten closer but I’ve gotten faster, I’ve gotten older
With brains scrambled I don’t think clear in my natural state of disaster

Bolder deranged audiocassette
Rearranged the terrain
Change the position of the walls
Lost in the maze I’ve made
I’m the cause of going insane

This skin won’t be breakin’
Not ceramic, elastic
Overenthusiastic and a smile made of plastic
This outlet is all I’ll let guide me
The asset I don’t handle lightly
What’s on the page is what goes on inside me
Fall into my brain in silence

Withstand the mainland, the wasteland landfill
Where you’re stranded on an undiscovered island
Where nightmares come to life
It’s downhill from here, man
Drastic the disregard for the population
You feel it on your skin as I’m closing in
I Bombard you while you stand still
Strange odor of charred homes
Line up it’s a firing range
A loner taking shots as a game
You’re the target
Order from the voice in my head, classic
Set a bodyguard if the graveyard is not your destination

Lyrical gymnastics
Years of skills honing the craft
For money
No such thing as free Will
I’m too I’ll
I’m nasty
Don’t swallow that pill
You can’t catch it
It’s not that cheap brand shit

This was engineered in a lab
You won’t find it on a shelf
Are you mad? I won’t need your cooperation
There’s no one else with this type of presentation
There’s no hesitation
Here’s the confirmation that there will be no imitation