Prideful Chill


Attention is pathetic it won’t learn its lesson
Enraged caged animal trying to escape
Unable to break loose, doomed cattle
A staged inhospitable feud state
Despicable, unable to reinstate but remain equivocal
Eyes caught in the headlights
System deactivated to accommodate this “sophisticated” being
Curiosity kills the unapologetic as it seems
Reanimated to debate and play devil’s advocate
Frozen when it comes to meaning

Suppressed aggression goes underrated and under the radar
Until it no longer can tolerate insubordinate expression
It must be contained and applied when the time is right
Used in sync with the stars alignment
To intricately design the electromagnetic mine
Meant to blow the mind, reboot, reintegrate it
A pile of failed attempts at being poetic
Frankenstein and other synthetics
There’s a goldmine somewhere
It’s written in pen, I remember, I read, I wrote it
Questions plague decisions and the precision of the answer
If a million disasters are what it takes I’ll accelerate just to get there faster
Liberated and unconcerned about the massacres going on around
Too preoccupied by this possession
A morbid impression with the taste of lemon
Compression, sour diamonds

Make no mistake there’s no infatuation I’m the incorporated machine
No longer an ape, gave up my previous shape for one greater
No copper cords, all Bluetooth and WiFi with a high definition camcorder
Decontaminated and deconstructed then combined all the best parts
Left the rest in desert sand pinned to a stone by a sword
And pumped this out.