Fight Me


What do I gotta say
To let you know
I’m not here to play
I’ve been here for days

Been hyperventilatin’
While masturbatin’
Just killing time
While I’ve been waitin’ for you

To say some shit
To get real hit

Gotta let loose
Gotta let off
Gotta get off
On the thrill
Not knowing what to do

When I’ve crossed the line
All that’s left behind
Is a blood bath
A crime scene
Previously known as you
That’s what I mean
When I say my heart is true
This hate for you burns
Insane it hurts
This want to rid the earth
Of the dumb shit that its birthed

We’re gonna fight
I’m gonna kill the lights
Stalk you from the shadows
With a fork and knife
Barbeque sauce
A side of fries
A glass ketchup bottle
Broken in half
To stab you with
The other half I made you swallow
We’re gonna have a blast
We’ll have a laugh
Memories that’ll last

You’re confused
I’m no thug
I’m a psycho
A monster

Pull up to your lawn
In a white van
Windows gone
Your late wife behind the wheel
Decomposed I suppose
I step out with a AK
Alongside your kid
You thought he dead
Been missin’ for years
But here he is
UZI in each hand
That little kids a real killer
Give em what he ask for
I wouldn’t want to push his instincts
I’m sure a part of you suffers to know
He’s been tortured in a cellar
I cut him fresh new holes
While I spoke Ill of his mother

True dystopian wasteland
Pistol strapped to my waistband
Second one at your face, man
You shouldn’t be here in the first place
Here’s a tip
Don’t get tripped on
Wouldn’t want to smack the taste from your face
Wrong turns you can’t erase
You won’t learn
Unless I chase you from my maze
If you don’t embrace it
That you have to be crazy
To think I give a shit what you say to me
I’m the best
The rest of this shit doesn’t phase me

The plan’s to rob you
Get you to vacate your body
Throw a drug party in your home
Invite mad hotties
Take some shots
Then rob them too
Slaughter them
And pin it on you
Say it was a murder suicide
Like you were clever enough to pull it off
As if it’s not a lie

At best your just the copycat killer
Even when framed
Your just the second suspect in line
The officers begin to accuse each other
Because it’s unbelievable
That someone like you could have committed the crime
The dots don’t connect
And they still don’t like you so you get the chair
They don’t suspect you
And they don’t care that it’s not fair

Meanwhile in an alternate reality
You never existed
There was never a dumb shit
And I still made it

Think quick
Don’t slip
The crack of the whip
I leaned back when I flick it
To hit the tip of your lips
Make you zip it
And quit while I’m ahead
I’m a dick
So even if you took a turn to say some shit
It’s too late
People think you waited