Towers of monsters inspired by insatiable hunger rise with the light as the moon enters its slumber. Survival dictates to destroy is to create. To rebuild tiny structures with the most packed detail into layers under the surface. Excess fat gets cut and disposed of to expose the purest diamonds remaining amongst the rubble of applied pressure and infrastructure collapse. The wisest minds construct complicated yet delicate geometric intricate patterns in stories erected alongside others that are all held together by their singular thread. If pulled, then shattered, shredded. Marble sentences crushed into single words with universes compressed into every letter in ways that’ve not been heard. A fantastic graveyard of blurry vistas, colorless paintings and abstract ideas. Musical notes tossed and left to decompose while the cellos desperately hold on to their one melody as it goes, fleeting. Simplistic. Empires are built on the graves of foes and obstacles.