Night Husband


Time’s short and I’m walking by ash walls of burnt halls
A fort on fire, burning leaves, higher, yawn not tired
Gun at the mirror steerin’ fear clear
Gotta get away from here if I plan to live longer than this
Twisting and turning, late nights horny
Eyes red sparked dead shut
Rolled back because of head
Parked at the park’s shadows in the dark
Two wedding rings dropped in the coin tray and put away
Steamed windows rattle moans
Secrets whispers before going back home
“Let’s run away,” she says
As if it’s a game we’re playin’
Where we get to do and say anythin’
“Leave our marriages and children”
“Start new and start really livin’”
Another blunt killed in one hit
Vodka straight by the front door
A cigarette down in one pull before going in
Kids in bed
Wife’s knocked out unaware of where I’ve been all night
I take a seat on the bedroom chair and stare at the window view of the sky
There until morning
Until the light shines on me and highlights my lack of sleep
The dazed craze I live in a haze cloud blazed on loud
Phased into couches as time passes by
Waitin’ on night to give it another try
To sneak out and take a two hour ride
To this lakeside town
Where I hideout when I can’t face myself
Where I meet this woman who can’t escape herself
Our self-loath
The clock’s hand moves slow