Old Folks Home


Hazardous jizz yellow with piss lands on the tits of the pretty miss
Angry they fist covered to the wrist in shit
Party of six, sausagefest, fat dudes with small dicks
And one chick with one dick that’s quite big
Gotta finish before dinner
Before nurse joy gets meaner
It’s oatmeal day
Everyone’s a winner
Lights off as they play
Fuck hot
But mad gay
But oh boy nurse joy brought some toys
That’ll destroy their insides
Spin so fast it splatters blood on all sides
And tears large gaps in their asses
To play hide and seek while old Fred dies
With his dick tied to the TV
Two fingers up his ass
At least he tried to fuck the stars

Mary Mac just won a pool game with a ball of crack
Behind the reception counter
Hides a fatty
Some powdered molly
While she attends some hottie lookin’ for his daddy

Dan with his little badge ain’t shit
Imagine it, standin’ with his dick in his hands
Not doin’ shit but watchin’ old fucks fuck till they can’t
Passing plagues back and forth
But their doomed to die any day anyway
So let them do what they can

The Doc’s droppin’ pills
Poppin’ dicks in places to feel the joy
Cream filling

Little kid sits through 40 deaths since he arrived a year ago
He drowns the dog and eats a snake
Stabs every cat until they take away the knife
He hasn’t spoken after that day