A Second of Inspiration


The tic gives me anxiety
I’m desperately hidin’
Tellin’ myself thick fibs
In despair lately while I’m writin’

Suddenly, glass thoughts supply clarity
A strive arrive
These moments bring me to life
When I can be honest
And convey my mind
Happily I’ll comply

Fair huntin’ facts ‘cause talk’s cheap
Ten cents a minute plus tax fee

Trying to design the right rhyme to strike a chord
And enlighten the mind, of course
To fight and force
The light to shine on what the night hides inside it
And change the course

There’s nothin’ that’ll stop me
When I’m moving
When I’ve caught a groove smooth, It’s soothin’
Inspiration stops me choosin’
Fluent, it drives me cruisin’
Top down, shootin’ across the highway
On autopilot

The computer is in control
And I don’t know where it’ll go
But I trust enough to let go
And let it guide me where it thinks that I should be
Whatever it sees right is what I choose to see
So that I never lose sight of what’s inside of me
The vision is in control
The rest is stark
Left in the dark

And I’ll fight for my right
To say what I like
A great big green banner reads “It’s My Life”
I don’t have time to hold back
The clock tocs down
Time I won’t get back

And just like that I’m out of it
I start doubtin’ shit
Read back and react
Like “what the fuck is that?”
“Man, the shit I write is whack”

The regret settles in
I’m wonderin’
If it’ll ever end
If I’ll ever look back and feel a sense of accomplishment
As if somethin’ I did matters
Will the moment ever arrive?
Will has no powers
He’s contimplatin’ lyrical suicide

I’ve been lost for hours
On the cursor
Cursed to cower
Waitin’ for a split thin second
Whatever shit I can spit out on the page
What happens happens
Even if it comes in stages
That’s okay

But it doesn’t come back
And it never feels right
Knot my words up into a sentence
Tight around my neck
Middle of the night
Kick the paragraph right out from under me
Legs danglin’ with some height
The hype dies

I’m still alive
The written me hangs there, though
He’s out of time
He shouldn’t have stood there
At least I’ll be fine