Blue on Black Crime


Officer John Davis, the famous senior member of the greatest police station the world’s ever seen
Noble, protects his streets, hopeful that clean they’ll be when he comes back
What he sees is not that, it’s not like that
Shit he didn’t conceive of became a certifiable undeniable detrimental nightmare of a fact
Out of the car he goes
Lights and sirens on to show he’s there to do business
So that this criminal knows he’s the boss and listens
“Hands in the sky if you don’t want to die today. Don’t try a thing, feel free to cry, I’m not here to play. Whatever you say will be used against you so shut up and stay. On your knees and don’t move, you don’t want to know what happens if you do. What’s in your pocket? A fucking knife? Trying to gamble with your life? Don’t have a wife or someone who cares if you don’t return tonight? Pathetic. Open your mouth and eat this. That’ll teach you a lesson. To walk around these streets with a weapon and threaten civilians. ‘Cause you don’t know no better”
“No. I know my rights and I refuse to do degrading shit to amuse you”
“Who the fuck you think you’re talking to?”
“I’m talking to you, bitch, I’m not here to satisfy your itch pig”
Can’t believe this motherfucker doesn’t eat my badge. Now he’s gonna have it. He’ll understand that I’m not so fuckin’ passive!”
Angry shaky finger on the trigger
“On your knees you fuckin’”
Quick thinker Zack learned how to bicker back when Momma was still with him so he used that
“Officer, Officer, think about your actions. Cameras are everywhere, what you think’ll happen?”
“That doesn’t matter, kid. You don’t understand what this is. If the badge doesn’t get respect then the system is wrecked and I won’t stand for it. This ain’t a choice I’m making, it’s a mistake you made. I’m doing my job, the law is on my side and today is not your day.”
“Officer, please don’t do something you’ll regret.”
“Silence, I’m over it. It’s too late to beg. Should have done what I said.”