I’m nasty with words I’m blasting
Shoulda heard, a masked thief
Unconcerned, Vastly harassing the whole world
Ask me if I care

My raps rip tears
Large holes in the air
Attacks gap the atmosphere
Foes scared of traps set to catch plastic rats
That think their flow know no bounds
And face them in slow Mo
Where they’ll make no sound

My words like a sword slice twice the size of seismic explosion by your side
From left to right when I’m making this shit tight
Bright flashes sparkling like lightsabers
With a real thin blades cutting through flesh
Flavored like death

Studio cameos have the stereo loud
Audios ammo I fire at the crowd
Cold as ice, but won’t thaw out

I’ve paid the price
Through struggle and sacrifice
Won the fight
Do what I like
Didn’t think twice
To Avoid being nice

Carved out a personal sized slice of paradise

I’m the light that shine’s
Through my otherwise pitch black life
Roll the dice any chance I get
Where I am won’t suffice
I won’t tolerate shit

DNA spliced
Half human and half strive
Consuming my past life
Improving through wise eyes
Crucified by insane heights

Precise computing power
Applied with acrobatics

This robotic exotic product of “being” brought it
Not diplomatic but static
With anger I’ve had at it

I won’t get struck
Born short on luck
Since day one
No chance to give a fuck
So I stroll
Giving no shits
Letting everything go
Always aware on patrol
Trying to find a better fit
No welfare but no home
Satirical miracle
High bankroll
And nowhere to go

I’m still lost now
Where I’m going?
Don’t know
No need in knowing
The poll said lean on no one

Flip the bird
I’m a dick you’ve heard?
Here’s a trick, you turd
I know this sounds absurd
But put your mouth on the curb
Count from first to the third
Expect things to get blurred
And your soul to transfer

You’re a fraud because you veer
Next to you I’m God, steer clear
I’m in my lair spotting all your little flaws
Sitting in my chair jotting down your little causes

Cause you’re knotted
I cut too deep
You’re blood has clotted
The rotting will start soon
And seep into your body

I’m naughty
I’ll throw a hot party in your name, feel no shame
And remain on this exact same fuckin’ lane
Riding the same goddamn train
This is my domain
I won’t restrain from shit, deal with it
I’m a hurricane that won’t abstain from destroying shit
A plane ready to hit, aimed right at your head
Filled with people to the brim
No need to explain shit

Whatever I want I can attain
Don’t compare me to you
I have maintained all I’ve wanted too
We’re both narcissistic and quite vein
The only difference is I acknowledged I’m insane