InSaNeLy NoRmL77

(Who Am I?...#6) The Conqueror

This is more personal for me. I hope I was able to capture the grip it had in me.


…race running

inside your head.

To make of any sense

what has become common

and hard to negate.

Your fate and it's date through

the old smolderin iron gate.

Indigenous here celebrate.

I've crept my way

into dark recesses

of twisted, sick

demented minds.

Thrived on your fears

feasted on your sorrows

dining with a special whine.

of your exact kind

of anyone you Love.

So as to guarantee

tomorrow you'll be seeing me.

I'm hate in purest state.

Your strength…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL

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(Who am I?... #5) Murderer of Innocence.

Well here is the 5th who am I? Hope yall are enjoying them as much as I enjoy writing them.


…I can create,

visually paint.

A picture puncturing,

senses thought,

by you as common.

It's selfish hate when I,


ones fate,

noticed to late.

Nothing more I appreciate.

Cursed destruction is my gift.

Pain and mind binding to every,

lie truthfully believed is yours.

So as I sharpen my skills.

and hone my craft of death.

Scars I re-open to bleed out.

Weak and feeble now we can play.

Damaged and hurt then my lucky day.

Ruins of others…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL

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(Who am I?...#4) Every King within.

Well here is #4 in my (Who am I?) series I want to get published. Let me know whats up?


…dour nightmares elucidate,

an oasis of extravagant horrors.

Promising hope declares a mandate,

for agonizing torturous mutilation.

Recognition, peering in the mirror,

eludes comprehension of distortment.

A familiar face with similar taste,

invades with haste to stake my place.

On the eve of sunset,

amidst the fiery yellows,

within the blend of passions purple,

clashing of the flamingos pink hue.

A disbelief of such serenity.

Brings back to reality,

a knowing remembrance,

hatred conceived me.

Fervently streams of guilt relentlessly,

Collide forming a swell to flow over.

Dams fractured now seeping laceration,

trickles into roaring beasts strategic in…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL77

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Lost in Gods Embarce.

Im not a big believer in writer's block. For one reason and one reason only, because there is always something to right about.and an abundance of words to pick and choose and to write. It could be just me... If you keep thinking of something tell me how many times it becomes harder.

In truth I've been told.

If I dare be so bold.

Twisting the lies sold.

Turning your " mind" cold.

I write with no limits

placed upon my talent

a blessed gift with no

blockage of miss

By InSaNeLy NoRmL77

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(Who am I?..#3) Destinies Guarantee!

The third Who am I? Hope yall enjoy.


…dead, jagged broken teeth.

Souless walking inconsistent.

Paths joy eludes still.

And happiness proves,

a worthy adversary.

Face to face with Zi & On.

Demon torturers eradicating

Evenly stroked perfections.

Angels created excuses.

Intimated production reveals.

The infectious waste humans,

have ascended and adapted.

Beyond Gods reach.

Addiction... "The Conqueror"

Denial... "The Illusionist "

Hatred... "The Antagonist"

Unforgiveness... "The Ghost "

Dead upon the succulent breast.

Hand fulls of lusts,

and desires perversed,

into socialism regret.

Forever is my blessing.

Eternity is your hell.

A paradise most receive,

less they…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL 77

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The" Ghost" in most. (Who Am I?...#2)

Here is the 2nd Who Am I? A different style. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask questions if something doesn't make sense.


…wounds you know where not.

Inside an Echo of current rot.

Only what's lost.

Does one observe

Their existence at cost.

Oh... What nerve.

Memory askew of little known by you.

Festering in pain and anguish I grew.

Your flesh admires passion.

When denied lust escapes,

thoughts you desire of passion.

Calamity I leave to waste.

I'm no ruse, nor here to amuse.

Reasons for me to accuse then…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL77

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Old is becoming as new.

This I wrote as a new experience for an older man whom believed he already had a lot to offer.


…earned my crown of grey.

Not promised the next day.

Lives gone yet still not afraid,

For what I've learned most would pay.

To awake just this morning,

Produced appreciation while yawning.

Life and it's vast array of beauty dawning.

On an old man at peace not wanting.

Memories are my treasury in this vault.

My wrongs, my pain, my Fault.

My joys, my smiles, my own not bought.

So much I have and none have I…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL 77

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Seeing Red Again! (Who Am I?...#1)

This is as you can see in the title the first of a series I'm working on to become a book.


…with no guide, I discern glimpses.

Of alarm, panic, with dread.

A steady stream of sins flooding all senses.

Creating a whole life graciously fed.

In the closet, awaits your skeletons.

Under the bed you'll find those monsters.

You see My Introspection is unilluminated,

ill felt and perhaps a tad distorted.

A Hate crime in suffering passionately,

aggressively assaulting my mentality.

Could be just My realization.

Progressing my Fears to torment.

Once you Lost your mind.

I found…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL77

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