Writers must write in order for readers to read. The mission of The Writers Club is to encourage writers to improve on their craft by creating free content for readers. No rewards. No comment section to praise. The writers must choose to be writers. To commit to the craft. To create for readers in the name of improvement.

The Club is a gallery containing the submitted literature of many writers from across the world. Thoughts and ideas brought from across the ether to reality.

From poetry to essays to short stories and more.

All writing is welcome for submission and hand-selected for display by the crew and staff at GreyThoughts. Get eyes on your work and show the world what your mind is capable of. 

Disclosure: This is not a competition. It's a gallery for creators by creators. Read, get inspired and submit your own literature. 
The Writers Club - Where words guide our eyes and minds into the worldview and perspective of another.

Any topic, style or format is welcome. From the darkest, to the most disgusting, to the politically incorrect, to the most blunt and honest, twisted, malicious and evil. As well as erotic work, articles, fan fiction, research papers, poetry, short stories, entire novels, historical essays... Anything goes. Share your writing.

Note: Not all submissions will be selected for display.
This does not pay, it is not a job. This is no more than a way to share writing on a public stage and get your name out there if anyone is interested in seeing more of your work.
The submissions chosen for display are selected by the crew at GreyThoughts.Info.

By Submitting any written work you give GreyThoughts.Info the rights to display the submission in its entirety. This does not give GreyThoughts.Info ownership of the work, merely the rights to display it on ‘The Writers Club’ and the right to publish in our collection books (if you opt into that option.)

Any unoriginal or licensed work submitted without the consent of the rights holder is liable to international copyright laws. Don't get sued, it's not fun.

Theme submissions are never an obligation. The prompts used for the themes are present only to assist those who want to share writing, but don't know what about, and those who want to have fun comparing results. The Due date is no more than the day we'd be changing the theme prompt's name. In other words, work unrelated to the prompt is welcome whenever. Late prompts are always welcome.

Every Saturday accepted submissions are posted. Stay tuned.

The Writers Club and GreyThoughts.Info do not claim ownership of any work displayed in the gallery.
Writers are not obligated to submit literature.
Not all submissions will be displayed.

As we move forward The Writers Club is going to publish compilation books featuring the literature submitted with the permission of the authors. These collections of literature shall feature the name of the author, the title of the literature and the work itself.

The Collections will be as follow:

  1. An annual collection of our favorite poetry submitted within a year.

  2. An annual collection of our favorite short stories and flash fiction submitted within a year.

Membership is awarded to volunteer writers who’ve built a large collection of displayed writing in the Club do to regular quality submissions.

The ultimate goal of The Writers Club is to connect readers of unique underground work to the writers that love to create just that.

Being a writer is about writing. Writing is a way of life. A philosophical principal. A discipline. In order to be a member of The Writers Club, we must believe you share the same values.

The Writer Writes for The Reader to Read.
That Simple.
That Complicated.

(Membership is no more than a Title awarded to quality writers consistently contributing to The Writers Club)

Guidelines To Be Members:

  • Must Regularly submit to The Writers Club

  • Must have many Quality submissions being displayed in The Club

Recognized Members that Don’t Submit for a long time may lose their membership title.