Wondering what will happen

…what will happen when we grow up, not physically but mentally to look around to feel the nature in its kind of! 

Wondering what will happen when physical looks gets lost, when appreciated cute looking face gets torn off, jewellery, clothes, transportation all gets messed up! 

Wondering, will people who appreciated when things were good Will look up with same pride and grin when all other things fade off!

Wondering when luxury job, title, power you had gets crushed and left behind to do menial jobs!

Wondering what will happen when we grow up, not physically but mentally to look…

By Moin Uddin

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The Pitanga Tree

The Pitanga Tree is one of 22 short stories from my book, "The Skipping Verger and Other Tales".


…was never permitted to set foot in the attic. It was the boys’ room and her brothers defended it like possessive knights in a medieval castle.

The attic at Brambles, the family home in Surrey, was where they played with their trains and soldiers and, as they grew, where plots unfolded out of reach of little sister. It was also the natural store room for school trunks and forgotten things. To be fair, Alice never ever wanted to interfere with the boy’s…

By John Reid Young

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A love poem dedicated to Leonardo I miss you more each day and every day.


…damn sure is something to love and be loved unconditionally. 

It instills a peace 

in both parties. 

It instills a calm that, over time, intertwines your souls; even in the midst of chaos and turmoil. 

It connects the minds and hearts, even when both realities are falling apart in incredibly different ways. 

It’s like... when you can’t tell if what you’re seeing and hearing is real or not.... but the moment your eyes connect... the voices fade away. You feel a safety net. That typical…

By Faith

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Where Blossoms Dance

…rolling hills

That flow like waves

Are distant mountain peaks

Where blossoms dance

Along the banks

Of swiftly flowing creeks


Windsongs gently

Rustle trees

Sunlight warms

The upturned face

There, its iridescent

Morning sky

Like a clarion

Calls me to this place


This place, we shared

Just you and I

One early springtime morn

Bathed in its scented majesty

My soul became reborn


We walked along

A gravel path

And lolled

On grassy hills

Until tympanic clashes

Chased us past

Meandering rills


Shelter found, we cuddled

And played out the afternoon

We dined and watched

As raindrops fell

Like petals…

By Sharon Cunningham

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Hell is Thicker Than Water

Bronwen Eld struggles to decide on whether he should go to Hell as the Devil's heir by choice or by force.


…town was consumed in an inferno. Those who were unlucky enough to be touched by it were screaming in pain and pleading for a mercy that they would eventually grow to learn would never come. A trail of bloodied bodies that were either dead or dying lead to the source of the chaos. He continued to walk slowly without a hint of remorse, as he looked around at the outcome of what he started; he knew the denizens of…

By Monique Star

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Pleasant Chaos

One-year old Penny and her friends chaotically entertain.


…was always something going on at the Reinholt’s home. The activities seemed to surround one-year old Penny. Two new residents had arrived as birthday guests thanks to daddy. A tan-colored Yorky named, Coffee Con Lache, or just “Coffee,” continually sought Penny’s attention. A darker colored fur-ball kitten with yellow eyes was named Tea Con Lémon (“Tea”. The kitten) spent most of the day hiding from a pesky Penny.

The three youngsters made it a practice to empty the toy basket and tease each other with a favorite toy. Coffee had claimed a…

By Robert L. Scarry

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Inka's Curse Part 18: Request 2

…queen smiles. I’m unsure if that’s a good sign. The queen bore scars on her neck. When we met, I was able to see they were lettering.

She nodded and said, “Yes, of course. I can help her too.”

“Alright what do I have to do?”

She told me that a dragon was the source of there being more creatures in our land and how he was a threat to us all. He was responsible for what happened to Oakheart. He put a spell on those people who had attempted an attack on Wellspring.

They also attacked the ship where…

By Cristina Collazo

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This is a back story that will be featured in an upcoming collection of short stories.


…were plenty of reasons why she started doing it. Pastors don’t make a lot of money to begin with, and being the pastor or a small, rural church of one hundred souls certainly won’t net you a six figure income. The income Dan made being a pastor had to be supplemented, so early in the marriage she had found ways to pick up odd jobs here and there, using her many and varied talents. It was talents, after all, that had convinced her that…

By a stump

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Cleaning the Ceiling Fan

…dust falls for

Things that sit still

Turn filthy just by being

Snow,from hot winters

Falling as former shadows

Embodied here upon my palm

Surely it cannot be cleaned!


As yesterday’s dust falls

I sense how tommorow 

Occupies everything-

It does not move

And yet moves everything

By flickering switch 

On clicks a revelation-

Each moment by itself

Is intact as unshed snow

Just a coalescing crystal

Just an idea felt in air

Just as sure as the sun

Just as lapsing

I see in shifting light

Seconds snowing.

Second chances

From Heaven

My hazy eyes wink


By David Fladger

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The New Song

…words he sings in his new song

Speak of a journey, long and hard

He said his whole lifetime, it seems

He has been chasing

Played-out dreams


The vision only he could see

Was not in his capacity

But he ignored the subtle signs

And traveled down those age-worn lines


Until it became clear to him

His dreams had been based on a whim

He sat to reassess his life

The one shared with his kids and wife


It struck him then; they were his dream

That life with them had reigned supreme

That dream he chased was his…

By Sharon Cunningham

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