…Harris shuffled methodically through boxes and unorganized piles of her parents history in New Orleans, as well as their separate lives before their marriage. Her father, Henry’s life in Chicago, as a boy, and then San Francisco. And her mother, Marjorie’s in India, Japan and Europe.

Her mother’s letters to old college friends, as well as childhood playmates, were amazingly devoid of any real substance. Her journals, from her teenage years through college were the exact opposite. They were incredibly detailed.

Olivia could almost picture the sleek old halls of the boarding schools in Austria, Switzerland and England. She could…

By Abigail Moore

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If I Get to Know

…it be that I wash my face so well

So I see beneath man’s handsome face 

Let it be that I train my heart to tell 

When a man is lying so I flee with pace


Should my emotions ever take heed 

I may live alone but not to be broken 

But my heart yearns to bleed 

Stubbornly I allow my self to be taken 


In brief joy, I vowed to be loyal 

To a love that will on live by the day 

The night came and his demon was fatal

Heartless and cruel he pushed me…

By Hamza Ayub

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Behind The Words

…woke up this morning wanting to write warmly to you. I had half of a poem written,

When I realised that I had been merely placing words together.

There was no truth behind them.

No feeling being drug up from the depths of my gut.

No passion in that place that exists behind the words.


Because such a place surely exists.


It is a dark hole that is never-ending.

It is talon fingers

That tickle our brain when eating poetry,

One juicy simile at a time.

The chewing gum sentence that sticks fervently to the side of our…

By Lindsay Brown

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Remembering Robin Williams: Oh Captain! MyCaptain!

Remembering and reflection.


…off, let's know just a smidge about how this amazing man came to be.

Robin McLaurin Williams was born in Chicago, Illinois, on July 21, 1951. His mother, Laura McLaurin was a former model from New Orleans, Louisiana. His father, Robert Fitzgerald Williams was a senior executive at Ford Motor Company in charge of the Midwest region. His maternal great-great-grandfather was Mississippi senator and governor Anselm J. McLaurin. Williams's ancestry included English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, German, and French.

He was raised in the Episcopal Church (while his mother practiced Christian Science). He grew up in Bloomfield Hills…

By RayFed

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Inka's Curse Part 17: Request

…Ellen replied, “Send her in.” She looked up to observe me enter. I wondered what she thought of me. Most people regard me as a helpless weakling. Now was most likely now different as I struggled not to show my cowardice. The queen bore scars on her neck. I was able to see they were lettering. 

I don’t know what she expects, but I’ve been looking forward to this meeting. 

I should just be straightforward with her. “I’m sorry my queen. I know that it looks bad for me, but it was an accident. I didn’t know these things belonged…

By Cristina Collazo

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That's not how the story should have ended.

My father killed my mother in 1993. I was 10. Most of my work is inspired by my past. Enjoy.


…not how the story should have ended. 

Stabbed to death, all cold and scary.

No more fairytales, lego jails or home made clothes on bloody mary. (Our Barbie doll. Her wounds we tended)


We couldn't pretend it didn't matter,

Misplaced trust all crimson faces in afterworld misleading places.

Grief does many things to too many people. Mine gave me mistrust the only thing that was ever equal.


They shared the same lack of my faith as that in I, I could not face.

I was the killer and he was me. My rightful father so it seems. We shared the blood we shared the veins I wore the bit he held the…

By Tracie Daily

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The Day You Died

…glanced up from her laptop.

“Sorry to bother you,” The man next to her said. “Do you mind—” He rubbed a thick hand over his face. “I have to ask.”

Emma raised an eyebrow. “What’s up?”

“Folks, this is your captain.”

Emma gazed up at the cabin speaker.

“We’re beginning our final descent and will be arriving in fifteen minutes.”

“Can I ask your name?”

She looked back at the man. “Um…” She cleared her throat. “Emma.”

He shook his head. “You look exactly like someone I dated.”

“Weird. Did—”

“Allison. She had the same…” He gestured to Emma, his…

By L.L. Asher

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Game of Thrones - The real end.

Game of Thrones - The real end, is my own spin on the Game of Thrones end and season 8. Forget the season 8 you saw, it gets thrown out of the window starting episode 3 and takes a whole different course to what we know.


…before I begin, unlike in the third episode and stationing everyone outside of the walls, what a stupid move by the way? I have positioned the Dothraki and Daenerys with Drogon on one hill much like in episode 3. Jon is on the other side the battlefield on another hill with Rhaegal and the…

By Writer-at-heart

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Not As She Dreamed

Planning a honeymoon and life threw a curveball.


…and Mrs. William Batts were finally taking their long delayed honeymoon trip. They were recipients of a Caribbean cruise as prize for opening a combined checking and savings account with Patriot’s National Bank.

Lisa planned on completing the novel she was writing...actually “thinking about” for two years. Bill just wanted to put his feet up, drink beer, and smoke his cigar. They joked it was time to consummate their marriage now that their four children were grown and not likely to interrupt.

The laptop and notebooks were stowed in the computer…

By Robert L. Scarry

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December Winds

Song lyrics. A link to the music can be found here: https://youtu.be/2qTFg2e-Iqo


…came in a flurry, 

Brought by December winds;

A spark that I'd buried away.


And that spark burned ages ago,

But I shut my eyes and let it go.

Yet, somehow I've found it again.


Can't we rewind the story?

Can't we turn back the page?

All these questions I'm after 

Are suddenly standing in my way.

Can't I melt the frost around you?

This time, I won't run away.

As the winter snow falls,

I'm reminded of all we could save.


You're eyes were a…

By Theresa Redmond

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