Venomous Repentance

To anyone who has ever been sexually abused... you are not alone. You are not your wounds and I pray that you heal as best that you can.


…invited you to come take a seat with me on this branch and for some reason you felt the need to push me. You shoved me and I know you believe that by doing so you released whatever demons that lay inside of you. Perhaps you thought that the words that came out of your mouth would somehow dissolve your actions into the night…

By Taylor Amber Rose

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The Berry Pickers

A piece from my third novel, The Berry Pickers


…wakes up early, squinting at sunlight raging through grimy windows and ripped white curtains, yellowed from years bathed in cigarette smoke.

The room was cold. The sticky sweat of summer faded too quickly to this frigid morning.

He reached down to the floor, found yesterday’s shirt, still buttoned halfway down, and pulled it on over his head. Reaching in the pocket he found his Lucky Strikes and his Zippo lighter.

Hacking and coughing, standing and stepping on an upturned beer bottle cap, cutting the bottom of his foot, he swears. From…

By William Lobb

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Surrounded by Vibrant Sun Conures

…on the importance of friendly paths

Not thinking about what could go wrong if the slicer gets my left thumb

There's a hole in my striped orange work shirt

I should get it fixed but I frankly don't want to spend the money to get it repaired

Haven't gotten enough stares

From valuable strangers to take appropriate action

Discussed the absurdity of people quitting their jobs after the first day of training

Apparently it's best to leave a job

After being with a company for two years

If you stay with an organization for a decade

You miss out on…

By Samantha Merz

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Inka's Curse Part 10: Home

…get me started on what’s become of the forest. She just wants the forest for herself.”

“You’re wrong about her. Queen Ellen is a genuine hero. She’s our savior. Things have never been as peaceful as they are now.”

Herman isn’t as bad as I thought. He’s intriguing and so is Lilo. I need to pay them a visit after I return from my daunting journey.

I don’t have time for this, though. I’ll have to interrupt their endless back and forth argument. “Excuse me,” I said grimly. “I really have to go…

By Cristina Collazo

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(Who am I?..#3) Destinies Guarantee!

The third Who am I? Hope yall enjoy.


…dead, jagged broken teeth.

Souless walking inconsistent.

Paths joy eludes still.

And happiness proves,

a worthy adversary.

Face to face with Zi & On.

Demon torturers eradicating

Evenly stroked perfections.

Angels created excuses.

Intimated production reveals.

The infectious waste humans,

have ascended and adapted.

Beyond Gods reach.

Addiction... "The Conqueror"

Denial... "The Illusionist "

Hatred... "The Antagonist"

Unforgiveness... "The Ghost "

Dead upon the succulent breast.

Hand fulls of lusts,

and desires perversed,

into socialism regret.

Forever is my blessing.

Eternity is your hell.

A paradise most receive,

less they…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL 77

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Within Her Skin

…first love,

she left me bleeding,

venison hanging

for the hyenas’ feeding.

It was over before

I started talking.

Her flip-flopping feet

were already off walking.

The robot within her skin

disturbed me,

when she said she was dirty

and doesn't deserve me.

My first love

never caught me creeping

outside her window

to watch her sleeping.

But, seeing her old man,

a-stumbling drunk.

I heard her scream.

Put him in my trunk.

The robot within her skin

was gone.

Her father sank through the water

and we rolled…

By Paul Resnick

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…made man in his own image and put him into a earthly home

God recognized that man was all alone

So God thought to himself ......let me create for him a soulmate and not just a clone

Let me create a kindred spirit is from his flesh and his bone

He took a bone from the place that protects the heart and the soul

We spend the majority of our lives searching for that missing piece just so we can feel whole

But most of the time we return with our heart broken into a million pieces

All coming from…

By Wordpl@y

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Rusty Red Roads

…along rusty red roads

It might snow soon

I am looking forward to jaywalking

If you are blending an avocado, you should smooth it out

You have got to look out the window

Used to have a Walkman

Too many eyeshadows for my hazel eyes

Swirling purple pencil crayons inside mandalas

Feeling mediocre today

Evaluating aspects of my daily life

Wanting to reach certain milestones

Dreaming around midnight about…

By Samantha Merz

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