Hot Wifer

…had no problem giving it away

Struggle to give away what everyone else tosses out

A beast of bad habits

Free love is the lifestyle

You called me a young lady as if it was a bad thing

I’m not your fallback girl with waterfall hair

Should I refer to you as an old man?

What if I identified as non-binary?

Would you find that nonsensical?

Are you old fashioned?

Have you heard any top 40 songs?

Do you think about your occupation?

How do you waste your time?

Behind the wheel taking me…

By Samantha Merz

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My Teacher, My Inspiration

…lucky is a child, whose teacher is sparkling with brilliance,

Whose optimism brings forth hope, and imbue positive vibes;

But luckier is he, whose dream begins with a teacher who believes and inspires;

A teacher whose warmth mends troubles, whose simple pat brings a smile.


Truly lucky I am for having encountered teachers,

who helped me shape my innocent mind,

Teachers with whom I trusted and never failed to impart wisdom on the brightest side of life;

Teachers who were my inspiration to be better and to seek great…

By Jenrich / Ma'am J Lo

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Sometimes looking back to the past can give you insights into the present.


…time of year always seems to turn me inward. The gray skies, cooler temperatures, and often-inclement weather feed my need to hibernate, and the warmth and coziness I find indoors lend itself to sitting with my mind and turning its eye to the past.

Earlier this year, I made the difficult decision to end a career that had seen me through nine years of momentous life changes. It was a career I loved but I was no longer in love with it. It was a career that…

By Kate Williams

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Poetry in my Head


…traveled far from where I sit amongst my stuff and things.

My mind has wandered far and wide afield in all my dreams.

There's lessons learned and friends well kept for moments of despair.

And life is what I've come to know of wild empty stares.

Far reaching from my coffee cup, across the page I write.

The circles stain, where the cup has lain, while I take my sip and sup.

Majestic borders guard my mind, imagination freely reigns.

The calm and wild expatriate, the dissident disdains.

I mark my passing with no trace and…

By RayFed

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Fulfilling A Special Wish

…and I grew up in Islington during the 1970s. when most parents would spend their time in the pub, dragging their kids along and sitting them outside with a bottle of coke and a bag of crisps. They would tell you to behave, then they would emerge five hours later and you had to try and drag them home. I was also no stranger to mental abuse and domestic violence. In fact, I had forty odd years of it.

My Father never attended anything I ever did, be it a school gala or sports day. He always did his best…

By Suzanne Suzanne

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Perception as a window to the soul...


…your mind

Close up your eyes to see

Envision that which has not been

Such wonders do conceive

Cast your thoughts

‘Cross space and time

Locate what you believe

Imagine all that is as one

What’s I, is you, is we

Still your heart

Find at its core

Your purpose to achieve

And know that all awaits your soul

You only need…

By Mike Turner

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…but not a curse

A place could be haunted and vaunted

Standing up against a polemic public

Bygone bright orange pylon

Thinking of my fair weather friend

Didn’t move away or stray

Can’t find my backpack

Windmill out of my window sill

What if you destroy or lose something that you love?

Only originals, not copies

Your name is an adjective, an expression



By Samantha Merz

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