Remembering Robin Williams: Oh Captain! MyCaptain!

Remembering and reflection.


…off, let's know just a smidge about how this amazing man came to be.

Robin McLaurin Williams was born in Chicago, Illinois, on July 21, 1951. His mother, Laura McLaurin was a former model from New Orleans, Louisiana. His father, Robert Fitzgerald Williams was a senior executive at Ford Motor Company in charge of the Midwest region. His maternal great-great-grandfather was Mississippi senator and governor Anselm J. McLaurin. Williams's ancestry included English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, German, and French.

He was raised in the Episcopal Church (while his mother practiced Christian Science). He grew up in Bloomfield Hills…

By RayFed

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That's not how the story should have ended.

My father killed my mother in 1993. I was 10. Most of my work is inspired by my past. Enjoy.


…not how the story should have ended. 

Stabbed to death, all cold and scary.

No more fairytales, lego jails or home made clothes on bloody mary. (Our Barbie doll. Her wounds we tended)


We couldn't pretend it didn't matter,

Misplaced trust all crimson faces in afterworld misleading places.

Grief does many things to too many people. Mine gave me mistrust the only thing that was ever equal.


They shared the same lack of my faith as that in I, I could not face.

I was the killer and he was me. My rightful father so it seems. We shared the blood we shared the veins I wore the bit he held the…

By Tracie Daily

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Still I Rise

My story in a nutshell


…name is Jim Moon. I live in Cartersville Ga. I simply ask if you are interested in sharing a “feel good” story. The story is mine and the title is STILL I RISE.


I want to share a bit of my past. It will explain why my story can be a positive influence to so many who are hurting. I was adopted by relatives when I was 17 months old. My aunt and uncle became my parents and my parents became my aunt and uncle. A typical Jerry Springer episode. Prior to my adoption, I…

By Jim Moon

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Lake Cabin Day

Looking through the cabin windows, the lake gave me this visual.


…on the water, winds drive waves upon the rocks

Brightly colored water toys swept off their spots on docks

Boats are safely brought ashore, secure away from shoals

Laundry in from clotheslines, among the stated goals

Tools that rest near projects, gathered up and put in sheds

Garden gloves collected from the bordered flower beds.


Though the sun is shining, in the distance still a haze

Local knowledge tells of how the wind could last for days

The far shore just a grey-green line that clouds are trying to…

By James Geehring

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How the Story Should Have Ended

In the wake of the latest rounds of gun violence in America...


…day of school

Third grade

Reading and math and playgrounds

The bus ride home

Playing in the yard until dark

Dinner with Mom and Dad

Tucked in with kisses at bedtime

Dreams of sunlit days and rainbows

That's how the story should have ended


Came and angry young man with a gun

Shopping at the mall

Afternoon respite

Picking clothes and toys and trinkets

A bassinet

The drive home

Painting the nursery

A quiet evening together

Choosing a name

Planning all your tomorrows

That's how the story…

By Mike Turner

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I lost a mango but found a DREAM

A story of how childhood misfortune situation propelled one to chase a bigger dream.


…ripe one! Hit the ripe one! exclaimed the stubborn adventurous voice in me. Coupled with my hunger on a hot Saturday afternoon, as my patchy dried lips could no longer be greased by my saliva, and my barefooted wandering about had yielded no result. I sighted this beautiful ripe mango, defying gravity as it hanged on the biggest tree that gave shade to passersby and family or friends who waited fervently for visiting hours to enter in to the Suleimana memorial…

By Hamza Ayub

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"A Butterfly Away"

…I knew the butterfly's name, I

knew of its wings,

I knew of its dark

shadows and ability to transform


My Grandma said, "Better days

will come."

A young caterpillar enjoys

the Rising of the Sun.

As I look into all

that I hope to achieve,

I realize I'm no

longer stationary; I shall soon have to


For many moons have called

upon my name....

I've heard the cries

of many skies and still I came....

To spend my transformation where

I'm appreciated the most,

One butterfly

away from peace. "A Butterfly Away"

from my…

By Poetic X

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The Open Book

…the open minded book that is filled with the pleasure and joy of life’s beautiful blessings the sunshine radiates the pureness of each page and gives understanding and clarity of each chapter filled knowledge of one’s own mind heart past life experience and how the gracious lord brought your dirty damaged life back to full strength clarity and the power and strength to make sure you make a beautiful picture and much better encore of the new book filled with your newly created formed book of your God given and shown gifts talents dreams and inspirational…

By The QuietStorm

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Dance Of Lunacy

…to a frequency

Unheard by many

I thrown up my arms

Feet in rhythms of unknown tunes

Body transcends into

A dance of lunacy

An invisible tune that

Lingers astoundingly

Thrusting the melodies

To carry on





All discarded in this madness

For one has had enough

Of melancholy

That chained every atom

To restricted joys

The smoke

The fog

The swag

Shall continue

Till every particle of disdain

Is broken



Washed away

Leaving behind perils

Of elations…

By 'Dusk'

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One Day Everything Will Change

…days seem dark

The hope feels lost

The faith seems to be in doubt

The nights seem to be endless

The dreams have turned into nightmares

The love have turned into hate

The friends have turned into enemies

The light at the end of the tunnel has burnt out 

The family has turned into distant friends

What else that is supposed to be good turn into darkness?!

~One Day Everything Will Change!~

Change can turn everything that was once dark back into Light 

That tiny piece of Faith/Hope follow it and never lose it!

Things will get…

By Natalia Brown

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