Rusty Red Roads

…along rusty red roads

It might snow soon

I am looking forward to jaywalking

If you are blending an avocado, you should smooth it out

You have got to look out the window

Used to have a Walkman

Too many eyeshadows for my hazel eyes

Swirling purple pencil crayons inside mandalas

Feeling mediocre today

Evaluating aspects of my daily life

Wanting to reach certain milestones

Dreaming around midnight about…

By Samantha Merz

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Once Upon a Time

…suppose I did have that “once upon a time” moment in my life, but I watched helplessly as I let it slip through my fingers; forever lost to me. I spend my days in darkness, regret, my only companion, slowly losing hope. I am the monster hiding under my bed, slowly snuffing out the last of my dreams. I have but the dimmest spark left in my cold soul, and I wonder, as I sit in silence, will it be…

By Tracey Koehler

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The Jellyfish God

I once dreamt that God was a jellyfish


…cross legged at the bottom of the ocean

Drinking tea from an invisible cup

I dream that you were God…

I whisper to a passing Jellyfish

I have never been God before, he responds

What are the rules?

You create them

From where?

Your heart I imagine, I say, sipping my tea

But I don’t have a heart, nor have I a head

Perhaps it’s best, often I find the heart is unreasonable

And the head will follow the heart blindly

Then how are the rules…

By The Ink And Salt Club

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Unhappy Happiness

…is value in pain

Though most disagree.

Many try to avoid it

Thinking they will be free.

But the pain doesn't disappear

Its only stuffed, drugged, or denied.

And over time the pain will erode us.

Failed attempts to escape give way to its unrelenting tide.

So what should we do with pain,

When it grips us in its claws?

When it crushes and pushes and smothers and gnaws?

In labor, it's a queue to impending birth.

A woman's body is working

To bring a human to earth.

The key in childbirth

Is letting pain have its way.

But even…

By Angela Jones

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…they won’t leave me alone,

Voices from long past and still they roam.

They tell me my downfalls, my mistakes, and regrets,

All of this way to much to bear in one’s head.

I open my mouth and let them all out,

A pure primal scream, the echo rings throughout.

I through back my head, feeling empty inside.

I pushed them all out, left no place to hide.

When in the emptiness, a small voice arose.

It was hard to recognize the voice as my own.

As tears streamed down my cheeks, for the very first time.

My mind filled….

By Tracey Koehler

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Let go that heaviness!

The part of you which feels too much, can be allowed to let go.


…heaviness inside that you carry has a purpose, find the one's that are worth considering and pour out the rest. Once you know that you do not owe the strength to carry the baggage, stop giving a damn about it.

You are not expected to take it all in. Allow things to matter, the ones that actually matter to…

By Nida Ayman

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Dancing Wishes

…wishes blowing through the wind
Each possibility, dancing along the breeze
Chasing chance. so our dreams can begin
Endless wishes blowing through the wind
Dancing on sunshine, our most lively whims
To see it all, by air, land, or seas
Endless wishes blowing through the wind
Each possibility, dancing along the…

By Tracey Koehler

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Trying to overcome my humility.


…certain that, before there was a you, there was a me.

I’m more important than the rest, that should be plain to see.

In order in the human pile, I must be on the top,

As others climb their ladders, but still just below me stop.

You know, if it was not for me, the “you” would have no meaning,

So get in line and follow the direction which I’m leaning.

Follow close, don’t fall behind, as we go ‘round the bend

No lifeguard waiting at life’s pool while diving in deep end.

Don’t worry, I’m your leader and I…

By James Geehring

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Etched in Blood

A exploration of how ink can be used to tell a story. Tattoos can be other artistic mediums.


…rhythmic patter

Of blood sailing through the brisk October air

Sinking against the lush wintry grave of pearly white snow

Drip... drip... drip

Another drip of blood caressing my leathery flesh

Leaving a crimson lava flow down shaking limbs

in wake of the hallow incision

A kiss from the needle quivering in my hands

Scratch.... scratch .... scratch

Another letter to capture what my parched tongue could no longer say

Sorrowful melodies deafened by the howling wind

Carrying forgotten messages to the world above.

Scratch.... scratch .... scratch

I draw in a shaky breath

Bracing against the euphoric pain

The needle dipping…

By Emberly Lily Summers

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First Step

…must take the first step,

dead calm surrounding me.

My heart is beating fast inside,

my terror running free.

To step into the unknown,

with no safety net to catch.

A stagnant life of caution,

or live with some regrets?

The choice lies here before me.

Which path fate chose I met.

One thing is though, quite certain.

We must each decide ourselves,

for your path isn’t for me,

and mine for no one…

By Tracey Koehler

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