Rusty Red Roads

…along rusty red roads

It might snow soon

I am looking forward to jaywalking

If you are blending an avocado, you should smooth it out

You have got to look out the window

Used to have a Walkman

Too many eyeshadows for my hazel eyes

Swirling purple pencil crayons inside mandalas

Feeling mediocre today

Evaluating aspects of my daily life

Wanting to reach certain milestones

Dreaming around midnight about…

By Samantha Merz

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The" Ghost" in most. (Who Am I?...#2)

Here is the 2nd Who Am I? A different style. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask questions if something doesn't make sense.


…wounds you know where not.

Inside an Echo of current rot.

Only what's lost.

Does one observe

Their existence at cost.

Oh... What nerve.

Memory askew of little known by you.

Festering in pain and anguish I grew.

Your flesh admires passion.

When denied lust escapes,

thoughts you desire of passion.

Calamity I leave to waste.

I'm no ruse, nor here to amuse.

Reasons for me to accuse then…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL77

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Old is becoming as new.

This I wrote as a new experience for an older man whom believed he already had a lot to offer.


…earned my crown of grey.

Not promised the next day.

Lives gone yet still not afraid,

For what I've learned most would pay.

To awake just this morning,

Produced appreciation while yawning.

Life and it's vast array of beauty dawning.

On an old man at peace not wanting.

Memories are my treasury in this vault.

My wrongs, my pain, my Fault.

My joys, my smiles, my own not bought.

So much I have and none have I…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL 77

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Seeing Red Again! (Who Am I?...#1)

This is as you can see in the title the first of a series I'm working on to become a book.


…with no guide, I discern glimpses.

Of alarm, panic, with dread.

A steady stream of sins flooding all senses.

Creating a whole life graciously fed.

In the closet, awaits your skeletons.

Under the bed you'll find those monsters.

You see My Introspection is unilluminated,

ill felt and perhaps a tad distorted.

A Hate crime in suffering passionately,

aggressively assaulting my mentality.

Could be just My realization.

Progressing my Fears to torment.

Once you Lost your mind.

I found…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL77

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Queen Carola’s Parotia on the Pergola

…was a gypsy moth massacre

Searching under decaying wood to get to the heart of contentment

Queen Carola’s Parotia on the Pergola

Reminiscent of a young European Paola

I heard news reports that it would be too windy for the vessels to dock

Ignoring the coarse-haired drummer  

Into the virtual portal, longing to feel the sun again

Getting carried by Sunday schemes in your Chevrolet Blue Blazer

In the middle of doubting myself before speaking out

Overjoyed when I saw you outside the drugstore

I'm glad you're grounded because I don't want you to leave

Just know I'm wide for...

By Samantha Merz

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The Jellyfish God

I once dreamt that God was a jellyfish


…cross legged at the bottom of the ocean

Drinking tea from an invisible cup

I dream that you were God…

I whisper to a passing Jellyfish

I have never been God before, he responds

What are the rules?

You create them

From where?

Your heart I imagine, I say, sipping my tea

But I don’t have a heart, nor have I a head

Perhaps it’s best, often I find the heart is unreasonable

And the head will follow the heart blindly

Then how are the rules…

By The Ink And Salt Club

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A Peculiar Demise

The weirdness began on the day I died…


…view from up here is incredible and makes me feel somehow complete, which is ironic. I’m aware of the fact that I’m dead, although any disassociation from my material being doesn’t seem to have kicked in yet. I look down, out across the world that I’ve called home for thirty-six years, and I realise with some slight sense of melancholy that I won’t miss it at all. I’ve had a damn good run. But all good things, as they say, must come to an…

By Martin Webb

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Let go that heaviness!

The part of you which feels too much, can be allowed to let go.


…heaviness inside that you carry has a purpose, find the one's that are worth considering and pour out the rest. Once you know that you do not owe the strength to carry the baggage, stop giving a damn about it.

You are not expected to take it all in. Allow things to matter, the ones that actually matter to…

By Nida Ayman

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Deliberating Eternity

Two angels with conflicting objectives determine the fate of a dying man.


…at the back of the room watching the goings on. Each wore a finely pressed suit and fedora, though no one else around them even knew they were there. It was a busy night in the trauma center, the emergency room in central Chicago, a byproduct of a typical holiday weekend. From gunshot wounds to motorcycle accidents, doctors, nurses and all sorts of other medical staff hurried this way and that, trying to keep pace with the incoming flow. Even so, they both waited patiently aside from the organized chaos…

By Chris Nance

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I've Done it Now

…I’ve done it now I thought to myself as I stood there, watching my body fall to the floor in slow motion. The gun falling from my now lifeless hand, brain matter, blood, and bone flying through the air. People screaming, vomiting, the horror on my friends faces. Yeah, I’ve done it alright. I sat down and watched the scene play out, the tears, the fear, the sadness. Watched as the police and the paramedics showed up and took my body away. I watched it all, and all it did was make me feel lonely, and sad, but that wasn’t…

By Wil R.P. McCarthy

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