Poetry in my Head


…traveled far from where I sit amongst my stuff and things.

My mind has wandered far and wide afield in all my dreams.

There's lessons learned and friends well kept for moments of despair.

And life is what I've come to know of wild empty stares.

Far reaching from my coffee cup, across the page I write.

The circles stain, where the cup has lain, while I take my sip and sup.

Majestic borders guard my mind, imagination freely reigns.

The calm and wild expatriate, the dissident disdains.

I mark my passing with no trace and…

By RayFed

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Perception as a window to the soul...


…your mind

Close up your eyes to see

Envision that which has not been

Such wonders do conceive

Cast your thoughts

‘Cross space and time

Locate what you believe

Imagine all that is as one

What’s I, is you, is we

Still your heart

Find at its core

Your purpose to achieve

And know that all awaits your soul

You only need…

By Mike Turner

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…but not a curse

A place could be haunted and vaunted

Standing up against a polemic public

Bygone bright orange pylon

Thinking of my fair weather friend

Didn’t move away or stray

Can’t find my backpack

Windmill out of my window sill

What if you destroy or lose something that you love?

Only originals, not copies

Your name is an adjective, an expression



By Samantha Merz

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Idolatria (Prologue and Chapter 1)

How do we percieve the unknown when it walks before us? And how far do we reach out to it? (The introduction to a work in progress)


…didn't know him.

I think that's what stuck out to me the most, more than the mane of dark hair that fell around his shoulders, more than the tall boots, or the careworn jacket of black leather, or the chains that criss-crossed its lapel. These things certainly stood out to most people who passed him, surely, so prominent against the muted background of the church pew. But the fact that I had no…

By Matteo Polk

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The Dark Lovers

This is the poem I earned the moniker “Dark Dr. Seuss”


…stood upon a hill two trees that closely intertwined and passersby that glanced upon felt darkness undefined. For on some nights laughing heard come down from that black hill and on some night it traveled here upon my window sill. It was then my mind tripped upon a vision the laughing told, of two dark lovers, their joy and pain, began itself unfold. 

Dark boy, dark girl, the story began, a love that time can't touch and in their story, their dark love grew, perhaps some much too…

By RayFed

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Drive Straight

…area to walk across 

If you’re a cyclist, keep going 

I don’t want to cooperate  

My version of sharing space 

Everybody does their thing 

Stalled at the intersection 

Rough days 

You can honk at me or ask me what my problem is while I stare in silence 

I can text or talk on the phone all day if you can still pass me 

Am I at fault?  

I don’t have only 30 seconds to cross if there aren’t any lit up signs for pedestrians 

If it’s nighttime, I try to be cautious 

Sometimes I try to be courteous and race…

By Samantha Merz

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Cleaning the Ceiling Fan

…dust falls for

Things that sit still

Turn filthy just by being

Snow,from hot winters

Falling as former shadows

Embodied here upon my palm

Surely it cannot be cleaned!


As yesterday’s dust falls

I sense how tommorow 

Occupies everything-

It does not move

And yet moves everything

By flickering switch 

On clicks a revelation-

Each moment by itself

Is intact as unshed snow

Just a coalescing crystal

Just an idea felt in air

Just as sure as the sun

Just as lapsing

I see in shifting light

Seconds snowing.

Second chances

From Heaven

My hazy eyes wink


By David Fladger

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Remembering Robin Williams: Oh Captain! MyCaptain!

Remembering and reflection.


…off, let's know just a smidge about how this amazing man came to be.

Robin McLaurin Williams was born in Chicago, Illinois, on July 21, 1951. His mother, Laura McLaurin was a former model from New Orleans, Louisiana. His father, Robert Fitzgerald Williams was a senior executive at Ford Motor Company in charge of the Midwest region. His maternal great-great-grandfather was Mississippi senator and governor Anselm J. McLaurin. Williams's ancestry included English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, German, and French.

He was raised in the Episcopal Church (while his mother practiced Christian Science). He grew up in Bloomfield Hills…

By RayFed

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Sometimes, we see ourselves lost in the darkness even though we are really in the light.


…fumbled around in the darkness, praying for a sign.

Her hands felt nothing as she grazed the cool wooden floor.

Her eyes burned from the tears and her breathing quickened.

She cries in silence, not making a sound.

Silence filled the room.

Silent is remained for the rest of the night.

She read stories of how dawn broke curses.

But she knew better than that.

Her body spazzed in the darkness.

It was the only way that she knew she was still a…

By Transcending Thoughts

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