Remembering Robin Williams: Oh Captain! MyCaptain!

Remembering and reflection.


…off, let's know just a smidge about how this amazing man came to be.

Robin McLaurin Williams was born in Chicago, Illinois, on July 21, 1951. His mother, Laura McLaurin was a former model from New Orleans, Louisiana. His father, Robert Fitzgerald Williams was a senior executive at Ford Motor Company in charge of the Midwest region. His maternal great-great-grandfather was Mississippi senator and governor Anselm J. McLaurin. Williams's ancestry included English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, German, and French.

He was raised in the Episcopal Church (while his mother practiced Christian Science). He grew up in Bloomfield Hills…

By RayFed

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Sometimes, we see ourselves lost in the darkness even though we are really in the light.


…fumbled around in the darkness, praying for a sign.

Her hands felt nothing as she grazed the cool wooden floor.

Her eyes burned from the tears and her breathing quickened.

She cries in silence, not making a sound.

Silence filled the room.

Silent is remained for the rest of the night.

She read stories of how dawn broke curses.

But she knew better than that.

Her body spazzed in the darkness.

It was the only way that she knew she was still a…

By Transcending Thoughts

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…didn’t intentionally choose a life of violence and murder.  My life kind of chose me.

     That’s what I tell myself anyway.  Believing as I do, diminishes my regrets and makes me feel less responsible.  After all, what choice had I really had?

     My childhood, or the lack of it, was without warm fuzzies and, ultimately, funneled me into service with the U.S. Navy.  Granted, it was a path I readily embraced, but the military wasn’t big on warm fuzzies either.  Instead of giving me a big family style hug, it honed my innate talents.  

     I learned many valuable things during my time in the service.   Among them was the foundational lesson that good…

By Madison Willoughby

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Abstinence: Still I Wait

For those who wait to have sex before a intimate or marital relationship.


…may tempt me throughout my days

With your cruel, tantalizing ways,

You may manipulate me into sensuality

But still, through spirituality, I’ll wait.

Does my purity vex you?

Why are you so hostile with me?

Cause I achieved freedom to choose

My head is held high and I’m set free.

Just like a female tiger hunting prey,

With the instinct to feed her mate,

Just like the hunter watches prey migrate,

Still I’ll wait.

Did you want to see me falter?

Sexual used up and…

By Poetess Bethany Camille James

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Am I Answering My Me Questions?

My first serious journey searching for my true me, spiritually.


…I interpret see not our given home

Earth, does it also mean it is not for our planet of

Inhabited ears of clay? Or am I once again answering

My me questions of questions already answered?

Then there is nothing given man that is not meant to be

Shared in some shape form or fashion, magnifying your

Wind of quickening’s life to our aliveness? One breath in

Representation of one born body of truths spoken births.

Thus, we are spiritual, historical, unifying remembrances,

Seeing again the oneness in a language…

By Rodney Rollins

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You’re Tempting Me

A musical lyric, in the style of classic blues, that examines the moment a tempted sinner seeks salvation.


….flickers through the window

Makes the bottle glitter so

Glass sparkles like diamonds

Gives the bourbon a golden glow

Oh, you’re tempting me

Oh, you’re tempting me

You’re tempting me

Help me to say no

Lord, help me to say no

Funky haze clouds the barroom

Dusky taste down my throat

I gave up them coffin nails

But lord, I could use a smoke

Oh, you’re tempting me

Oh, you’re tempting me

You’re tempting me

Give me an antidote

Lord, give me…

By Mike Turner

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(Who Am I?...#6) The Conqueror

This is more personal for me. I hope I was able to capture the grip it had in me.


…race running

inside your head.

To make of any sense

what has become common

and hard to negate.

Your fate and it's date through

the old smolderin iron gate.

Indigenous here celebrate.

I've crept my way

into dark recesses

of twisted, sick

demented minds.

Thrived on your fears

feasted on your sorrows

dining with a special whine.

of your exact kind

of anyone you Love.

So as to guarantee

tomorrow you'll be seeing me.

I'm hate in purest state.

Your strength…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL

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Hyper-Pigmented Psychedelia

…saturated strawberry swirls

It’s smoky with heather clouds

Dreams of Saxe blue swimming pools

Wearing a spruce suit, found it hard to resist you

There were pickles in the delicious beef sliders

Felt more like a daffodil than a dandelion that evening

Wanted some ginger tea to settle my stomach

Holding onto the mahogany railing while walking towards the lobby

Food colouring stained my tie-dye t-shirt

Spirals and television static left me hypnotized

Maybe I am hallucinating because I see rainbow zebras

Heavenly face, red polka dotted lace but could be…

By Samantha Merz

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(Who am I?... #5) Murderer of Innocence.

Well here is the 5th who am I? Hope yall are enjoying them as much as I enjoy writing them.


…I can create,

visually paint.

A picture puncturing,

senses thought,

by you as common.

It's selfish hate when I,


ones fate,

noticed to late.

Nothing more I appreciate.

Cursed destruction is my gift.

Pain and mind binding to every,

lie truthfully believed is yours.

So as I sharpen my skills.

and hone my craft of death.

Scars I re-open to bleed out.

Weak and feeble now we can play.

Damaged and hurt then my lucky day.

Ruins of others…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL

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