A Peculiar Demise

The weirdness began on the day I died…


…view from up here is incredible and makes me feel somehow complete, which is ironic. I’m aware of the fact that I’m dead, although any disassociation from my material being doesn’t seem to have kicked in yet. I look down, out across the world that I’ve called home for thirty-six years, and I realise with some slight sense of melancholy that I won’t miss it at all. I’ve had a damn good run. But all good things, as they say, must come to an…

By Martin Webb

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Unhappy Happiness

…is value in pain

Though most disagree.

Many try to avoid it

Thinking they will be free.

But the pain doesn't disappear

Its only stuffed, drugged, or denied.

And over time the pain will erode us.

Failed attempts to escape give way to its unrelenting tide.

So what should we do with pain,

When it grips us in its claws?

When it crushes and pushes and smothers and gnaws?

In labor, it's a queue to impending birth.

A woman's body is working

To bring a human to earth.

The key in childbirth

Is letting pain have its way.

But even…

By Angela Jones

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An Open Letter: To the One that Got Away

A love lost is a lesson learned


…I love you! I always have and always will. I realize I might love a memory, a shadow in my mind, that may no longer exist. All these years that have passed have not been kind to me, I hope they have been to you. I see you have kids, and it looks like your happy, but I know that I am only seeing the surface. You are, and always were, more then you appeared to be.

I’m sorry I was not good enough, I’m sorry I didn’t try enough, I’m sorry I never expressed how I felt. I think…

By Wil R. P. McCarthy

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…they won’t leave me alone,

Voices from long past and still they roam.

They tell me my downfalls, my mistakes, and regrets,

All of this way to much to bear in one’s head.

I open my mouth and let them all out,

A pure primal scream, the echo rings throughout.

I through back my head, feeling empty inside.

I pushed them all out, left no place to hide.

When in the emptiness, a small voice arose.

It was hard to recognize the voice as my own.

As tears streamed down my cheeks, for the very first time.

My mind filled….

By Tracey Koehler

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Part 5: Bad News

…to rest comfortably at the local inn before leaving. Who knows how long and dangerous the trip is going to be precisely. I didn’t sleep comfortably that night. I tossed and turned in bed as I tried keeping my mind off this uncomfortable chest plate and the weird sword that won’t speak to me anymore. As soon as the sun starts to rise, I get up from the bed. I have to travel by day.

When I’m about to leave Moon Valley, Titan stops me.

Why can’t I ever avoid him? He’s got some eagle eyes. Although at the moment…

By Cristina Collazo

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