…stared hard at her. “You don’t look that scary.”

She snickered and tilted her head to the side, as if to acquiesce. “I get that a lot.”

She waved her hand nonchalantly in the direction of the Ferris wheel that had suddenly appeared. “After you...”

“Uh...wait. Hang on. I take it back. You’re extremely intimidating and... and... WAIT. NO!” He shrieked as she gingerly rested her hand on his shoulder and he begins to walk towards the carnival contraption against his will.

His eyes rolled back in his head and he begins to wail in earnest as his body…

By L.E.

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Monster Truck

…daisies with downward facing petals

You’re in a monster truck

Driving off the road

A child chases after a wild animal with claws

Insincere recommendation for a main course

Temper tantrum over tanzanite studs

Hose running onto the sidewalk and onto the street

A watering hole

Found a crow corpse

Wants to spoil me

Life holds on to us

Waiting for the wind to settle to…

By Samantha Merz

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Borrowed Time

Heartbreak, mending, heroin and recovering


…unfair my life was blighted by substance

and the memories are difficult,

though I still notice all the anguish and injustice?

So if I was to accept this “God given talent”

and let my creativity flow,

I think I’ll push this envelope and make this unpleasant.

Joyce, Poe, Gialketsis and Tennyson

add mine to my favorites,

impacting the inspiration of the English language.

These kinetic adversaries that just seemed to spew

tsk tsk,

for my family and friends and that substance you!

I won’t be cowardice and I will speak strictly

my spirit is shaking,

up to the day…

By Vegas Gialketsis

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…journey continues into the cold, empty void of space. Martha's voyage takes her far beyond the scope of what we have explored.

She leaves another mark faintly with a pencil on the metal of the cockpit wall. One for every 24 hours she is contained in this cage.

Space is a horrible place to be left alone. She started this voyage in hopes of finding someone, or something. When traveling at 95 percent the speed of light with no objects nearby, one loses track of everything: speed, direction, purpose and reason. Her metal sarcophagus continues to drift through the great…

By Jason Garden

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Am I Answering My Me Questions?

My first serious journey searching for my true me, spiritually.


…I interpret see not our given home

Earth, does it also mean it is not for our planet of

Inhabited ears of clay? Or am I once again answering

My me questions of questions already answered?

Then there is nothing given man that is not meant to be

Shared in some shape form or fashion, magnifying your

Wind of quickening’s life to our aliveness? One breath in

Representation of one born body of truths spoken births.

Thus, we are spiritual, historical, unifying remembrances,

Seeing again the oneness in a language…

By Rodney Rollins

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From you 

Without you 

On a journey

Finding self

Hurting from withdrawal 

Fearing a new addiction

A new one to be physical with

A cold heart filled with

Reasons not to try

Trust comes hard but in the 

Abstaining you have clarity 

So now only real and truth draw you

Stop ass shaking and let’s talk

Pay no attention to the movement 

Of my eyes your sexy is not what they seek

Body language is a giveaway 

As I move…

By RandyStress

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Shadows, Trees & Odd Mysteries - The Ghosts in the Trees

…up in his bedroom, he had his head buried in a mystery book he found at the junk shop — for over three hours straight. That’s when Mum called out from downstairs and asked him to feed their dog, Sala, a bowl of boiled chicken in rice from the kitchen. Enthralled by the story, Oddy absentmindedly ran down to the kitchen, took out the tray of corned beef from the oven instead and fed it to his dog before rushing back to his room to carry on with his reading. Sala lapped the food up and went off to her…

By Malcolm Fernandes

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You’re Tempting Me

A musical lyric, in the style of classic blues, that examines the moment a tempted sinner seeks salvation.


….flickers through the window

Makes the bottle glitter so

Glass sparkles like diamonds

Gives the bourbon a golden glow

Oh, you’re tempting me

Oh, you’re tempting me

You’re tempting me

Help me to say no

Lord, help me to say no

Funky haze clouds the barroom

Dusky taste down my throat

I gave up them coffin nails

But lord, I could use a smoke

Oh, you’re tempting me

Oh, you’re tempting me

You’re tempting me

Give me an antidote

Lord, give me…

By Mike Turner

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(Who Am I?...#6) The Conqueror

This is more personal for me. I hope I was able to capture the grip it had in me.


…race running

inside your head.

To make of any sense

what has become common

and hard to negate.

Your fate and it's date through

the old smolderin iron gate.

Indigenous here celebrate.

I've crept my way

into dark recesses

of twisted, sick

demented minds.

Thrived on your fears

feasted on your sorrows

dining with a special whine.

of your exact kind

of anyone you Love.

So as to guarantee

tomorrow you'll be seeing me.

I'm hate in purest state.

Your strength…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL

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