Horror Lore & Survival Guide

In case your damned soul ever finds itself in the mouth of darkness…


…Oxford Dictionary defines the concept as “An intense feeling of fear, shock or disgust”. In the field of narrative fiction, it’s the genre whose main goal is to incite feelings related to dread, deeply related to the anticipating feeling before a fearful experience, also known as Terror. In spite of how many basic definitions had been given to the notion, every sentient being in the universe(s) can concede that horror, in all his forms and types, involves the action of generating fear on any living…

By RC Lanzmann

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On Time

…is indefinite, a sequence of continuous events from the past, within the present, and of the future to come.

Society has become fixated with the measurement and the scheduling of time, instead of directing their attention and energy to the sequence of events that are, in essence, their livelihood.

How wonderful life would be if we concentrated on the events that need to occur, rather that the twirly cogs in the machine; to measure our…

By Tracey Koehler

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Let go that heaviness!

The part of you which feels too much, can be allowed to let go.


…heaviness inside that you carry has a purpose, find the one's that are worth considering and pour out the rest. Once you know that you do not owe the strength to carry the baggage, stop giving a damn about it.

You are not expected to take it all in. Allow things to matter, the ones that actually matter to…

By Nida Ayman

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Not Quite Valentine

…social media platforms are flooded with related messages including those in favour of and those against the celebration. Being empathic, I personally enjoy the spike in the energy of love and romance that permeates the air around this time of the year. The planet is in dire need of the healing energy of love.

One of the posts though, caught my attention. It read something to the effect that Valentine's Day is only for those that are 25 years old and younger. That triggered contemplation on my part, about the current perceptions concerning age.

We have been systematically brainwashed into…

By Adiela Akoo

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Other Side of The Rainbow – for Writers

…will I know when I have made it to the other side of the rainbow, somedays I just feel like giving up? Ever been there? Have you ever wondered “Where the Hell is That Rainbow!”

Many of us know the feeling of “hitting a wall” and you wonder what the best way is to get past them. I can tell you from experience that there will always be walls and there will always be a way to get past, over or around them.

One way people think of getting past their challenges is to take a break. They think that…

By Joy Harris

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An Admirer's Lament

…been of the opinion that love can be restricted to that between two people of the opposite sex. Rather, it can embrace love of all kinds and all who consent to involve themselves with the practice. Even if, as can often be the circumstances, the love goes one way alone.

The often misunderstood culture known as “fandom” has always been a kind of love of the first order. People who are willing and able to involve themselves with fictional worlds and people to the degree that they appear, to them, to be tantalizingly real, and much more enjoyable, in a…

By David Perlmutter

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Projecting the most loved menace – the Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’

…performance in cinema that ruptures and pierces the hearts of the audience. Cinema has been adorned and enriched by a number of powerful and memorable performances which have been etched in our hearts. Heath Ledger’s (born April 4, 1979, died January 22, 2008) powerful performance as the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s 2008 classic superhero film, The Dark Knight was outstanding and exceedingly well scripted. Heath Ledger left no stone unturned in making the character look so real and lived in. Though Ledger, an Australian television and film actor, left for heavenly abode at a very premature age, his performance is…


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The politics of the Kenyan school system

…Kenyan school system: a guide for expats

In an unflinching mimicry of the rest of the world, Kenya offers a startling contrast between the schooling available to local citizens and that which is offered to wealthy expats. The disparity affects the facilities, training of teaching staff and funding and is nowhere more obvious than in the scaling of school fees. Kenya is one of the most expensive places in Africa for schools fees, because of this the expat in Kenya can’t always afford ‘Mzungu’ schools. If you decide to go local, what’s the deal and how to choose?

Primary school…

By Nadine Murphy

Website: http://www.theexpatmummy.com

Twitter: theexpatmummy

Facebook URL: kenyamum

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Food Ramble

… for bread. The bread is driving her crazy. How dare we forget the bread?

The bread we got was not good enough. I don’t get it.

White bread isn’t that great. Neither is potato, white rice, and chicken. They’re boring, so boring. Like ordering pizza every week. The same food every day and going to repeat next week like a merry-go-round. Round and round these dishes good.

Who knew that the thought what’s for dinner could be so depressing?

I eat salad everyday for lunch, yet that’s somehow better. It goes through much more changes. It’s bright and fun compared…

By Clare Mac

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