Forest of Blades and Everglades

…no amount of medication 

Can’t take away the thought of you and him

I crave validation 

I wish with this it was easy to skim

I told you what happened at school

You acted like you didn’t hear

I felt like a fool

Once again I’m alone something I’ve feared

I want to stay numb

So I’ll never see you choose 

I’ll fade away as you’re having fun 

It’s not like I got something to lose

I can’t take this anymore! I’m done

Hello the forest of blades

My skin craves the release

I’m sick of this cage

The one…

By Shayla Upperman

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Hyper-Pigmented Psychedelia

…saturated strawberry swirls

It’s smoky with heather clouds

Dreams of Saxe blue swimming pools

Wearing a spruce suit, found it hard to resist you

There were pickles in the delicious beef sliders

Felt more like a daffodil than a dandelion that evening

Wanted some ginger tea to settle my stomach

Holding onto the mahogany railing while walking towards the lobby

Food colouring stained my tie-dye t-shirt

Spirals and television static left me hypnotized

Maybe I am hallucinating because I see rainbow zebras

Heavenly face, red polka dotted lace but could be…

By Samantha Merz

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Notes From Antiquity


under the stars` shine 

every night I rise in love 

projected in those mirrors 

projected by havens... 

I meet you every time in my flight

we rise and rise all over again 

and conquer the galaxies 

as well as the fields, 

for our love has covered 

the infinite... 

like a warm blanket 

under which a sweet child 

is kept tucked... 

the way I travel the roads everyday 

reminds me of everything... 

flashbacks from the mighty journey

we`ve perpetually been having 

since God crafted the Earth. 

how wonderful we travel…

By LiterAnART

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(Who am I?... #5) Murderer of Innocence.

Well here is the 5th who am I? Hope yall are enjoying them as much as I enjoy writing them.


…I can create,

visually paint.

A picture puncturing,

senses thought,

by you as common.

It's selfish hate when I,


ones fate,

noticed to late.

Nothing more I appreciate.

Cursed destruction is my gift.

Pain and mind binding to every,

lie truthfully believed is yours.

So as I sharpen my skills.

and hone my craft of death.

Scars I re-open to bleed out.

Weak and feeble now we can play.

Damaged and hurt then my lucky day.

Ruins of others…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL

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…light leads us to the door

footprint leak with road

secret of our language mutes

not asking our pain

if we explained our color

cold face fades

about our one-shoot

overwhelm our hands

nobody knows we mean by

what they say

we will our respond

we shed our range full

quest lasts until you die

this is life

affirms the…

By Semihten5

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Sultry July

…coral fire burns through the night 

There could be morning lightning 

My version of a nightcap consists of nightly capsules to take with water 

A science fiction fantasy 

Surprised that squirrels get along with rabbits 

Hallucinations of halos 

Failing to ask for the recipient 

Cornflower blue blouse over a burgundy dress 

Sunlight shines and sparkles on my skin 

Sun glitters off the Pacific blue waves 

We'll each have a glass of red sangria on this summer's day 

The angel's trumpets don't leave behind any…

By Samantha Merz

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I Let Go

…life, bound by belief, held captive by ideals, imprisoned by guilt and fear; invariably trying to rectify the past, inevitably failing and bankrupting my future.

Longing for freedom, I let go of my self-bound chains. I breathe and see the present for the first time. the present, stagnant up to this point, vibrant, whirling, whispering to me, and I feel the quickening. I am overcome with a lust to be part of the brilliant matrix surrounding me, and, I let go...

By Tracey Koehler

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(Who am I?...#4) Every King within.

Well here is #4 in my (Who am I?) series I want to get published. Let me know whats up?


…dour nightmares elucidate,

an oasis of extravagant horrors.

Promising hope declares a mandate,

for agonizing torturous mutilation.

Recognition, peering in the mirror,

eludes comprehension of distortment.

A familiar face with similar taste,

invades with haste to stake my place.

On the eve of sunset,

amidst the fiery yellows,

within the blend of passions purple,

clashing of the flamingos pink hue.

A disbelief of such serenity.

Brings back to reality,

a knowing remembrance,

hatred conceived me.

Fervently streams of guilt relentlessly,

Collide forming a swell to flow over.

Dams fractured now seeping laceration,

trickles into roaring beasts strategic in…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL77

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