Justice Found

On the quest for justice...


…Justice found

In books and laws?

A lawyer’s office

The courthouse halls?


Can Justice live

On cold, hard streets?

Shackled with handcuffs

In prison keeps?


May Justice stand

With rights deprived?

Where bigotry, hatred

And fear all thrive?


Or is Justice

To be found

In hope, compassion

And love unbound?


Oh, pray that Justice

Be found in trust

And that I am part

Of life made…

By Mike Turner

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A Manic Meditation on the Bipolar Blues

As a manic-depressive, my manias would have the curious ability to bend, twist and warp my perception of reality and self to usually pathological and detrimental extremes that have easily landed me in a mental hospital more than once when I was a youth. Today, older and much wiser, I am medication-compliant and therefore stable where I can function and spend my time reading; ennobling and edifying my mind; and composing poetry (for my own enjoyment and self-therapy).


…with unbounded energy tonight,

I eschew my med's until I can hear

the frightful voices trumpet in my ear,

now haunting me into…

By Ngoc Nguyen

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Present But Absent

A poem which describes my feelings and the reason why I feel dead even I'm alive. The reason why I feel absent even I'm present.


…moon is so beautiful

Also the stars in the sky

But life is so painful

And it really makes me cry.

I'm present, but in the same time absent.

Alive, but in the same time dead.

I'm present in this world, but I feel absent.

I'm alive in this life, but I feel dead.

Because I'm not free.

And I can't find some wisdom.

With people I don't agree.

And I can't get any…

By Mary Khend

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Just Maybe

…I'm not good at talking about how I feel, that's the way I am...

Maybe I'm not good at letting go, the strings fail to unattach themselves...

Maybe I'm not good at saying what hurts me, I was born like that...

Maybe I fail terribly in trust because of the fear in me, what is trust anyway...

Maybe I'm too different from the rest of them, but I was not taught how to be like the rest of y'all...

Maybe I prefer faking smiles than explaining why I got a frown on my face, it is easier that…

By Lilian Asekah

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There's something


That's going on between

Making it interesting

Full of love life that's everlasting


Oh the beautiful soul

Oh the beautiful life

I get lost in you

In your thoughts, in your memories

That gives me a feel

Which makes me zeal

And I live life in a thrill


Oh the calming rays

Oh the sunny days

Oh the flowing river

I see the reflection of you in water like in a mirror


There's something

That's going on between

Making it interesting

Full of love life that's…

By Moin Uddin

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When Evil Finds Me

The juxtaposition of evil vs. all


…evil finds me, I'll hold it close, to keep your gods at bay.

In this cloak of flesh and blood I hide from light of day.

When evil finds me, I will become what monsters dare to dream.

Time to reap fresh love of hell such as never seen.

When evil finds me, I'll look up, for signs of my appeal.

I'd claw each step to marble gates to make a final deal.

When evil finds me, I will burn for all the things I've done.

No more to weep for pities sake the…

By RayFed

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A Heart's Song

Just a random thoughts. The title might not even have connections with the body.


…heart creates a music that only another heart can hear.

It revibrates a tempo that echoes down to one's soul.

It belts out cracking sounds from the cries of a shattering heart.

A rhythmic beats of melodies flows out to mend; to make a stronger one.

A song is born, that speaks out the language understood by all.

A music to heal one's…

By Rhine Torres

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…day has come and the jury is set,

The attorney presents his argument,

The jurist is clear on the premises,

The hopes of both parties now hanging on promises.

Court? Echoes through the room

As the judge's throat goes vroom

Like truck- he reads the verdict,

"After considering all evidence presented, the jury convict..."

Now this is the case with us,

When one treats another member of society like wuss.

Doing so sometimes with impunity,

Regardless of our firm stance on unity.

Thanks for the rule of law,

Else the poor would be subject to gnaw

By the rich who…

By Comano MacFriday

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In Eulogy of Donall Janus Tramp

A poetic commentary on the political crisis being fomented by a certain demagogue usurping the highest office of our otherwise wonderful nation and system of government.


*(Legal Disclaimer: This is a work of poetic fiction. Certain names, institutions, agencies, events and incidents are mentioned. However, characters herein are products of the poet's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.). 

…eulogy of Donall Janus Tramp

(the Grand Old Party's best and choicest loser

who sleazed and promised us he'll “drain the swamp”),

you live up to your name for there's none cruder

than you:—and…

By Ngoc Nguyen

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There's a love

…a love in your smile

I can't resist seeing you

Oh my darling I am all into you

There's a feelings in me of you

I can't express in words

Oh my darling I am all short of words

There's a joy in watching you

I can't tell how much I feel about you

Oh my darling I am all moon and stars falling from above in love all for you

There's a love in your smile

I can't resist seeing you

Oh my darling I am all into…

By Moin Uddin

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