Just Maybe

…I'm not good at talking about how I feel, that's the way I am...

Maybe I'm not good at letting go, the strings fail to unattach themselves...

Maybe I'm not good at saying what hurts me, I was born like that...

Maybe I fail terribly in trust because of the fear in me, what is trust anyway...

Maybe I'm too different from the rest of them, but I was not taught how to be like the rest of y'all...

Maybe I prefer faking smiles than explaining why I got a frown on my face, it is easier that…

By Lilian Asekah

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There's something


That's going on between

Making it interesting

Full of love life that's everlasting


Oh the beautiful soul

Oh the beautiful life

I get lost in you

In your thoughts, in your memories

That gives me a feel

Which makes me zeal

And I live life in a thrill


Oh the calming rays

Oh the sunny days

Oh the flowing river

I see the reflection of you in water like in a mirror


There's something

That's going on between

Making it interesting

Full of love life that's…

By Moin Uddin

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There's a love

…a love in your smile

I can't resist seeing you

Oh my darling I am all into you

There's a feelings in me of you

I can't express in words

Oh my darling I am all short of words

There's a joy in watching you

I can't tell how much I feel about you

Oh my darling I am all moon and stars falling from above in love all for you

There's a love in your smile

I can't resist seeing you

Oh my darling I am all into…

By Moin Uddin

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The Dark Lovers

This is the poem I earned the moniker “Dark Dr. Seuss”


…stood upon a hill two trees that closely intertwined and passersby that glanced upon felt darkness undefined. For on some nights laughing heard come down from that black hill and on some night it traveled here upon my window sill. It was then my mind tripped upon a vision the laughing told, of two dark lovers, their joy and pain, began itself unfold. 

Dark boy, dark girl, the story began, a love that time can't touch and in their story, their dark love grew, perhaps some much too…

By RayFed

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Where Blossoms Dance

…rolling hills

That flow like waves

Are distant mountain peaks

Where blossoms dance

Along the banks

Of swiftly flowing creeks


Windsongs gently

Rustle trees

Sunlight warms

The upturned face

There, its iridescent

Morning sky

Like a clarion

Calls me to this place


This place, we shared

Just you and I

One early springtime morn

Bathed in its scented majesty

My soul became reborn


We walked along

A gravel path

And lolled

On grassy hills

Until tympanic clashes

Chased us past

Meandering rills


Shelter found, we cuddled

And played out the afternoon

We dined and watched

As raindrops fell

Like petals…

By Sharon Cunningham

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This Is How Life Is

…is celebrating happiness

Whereas someone is suffering from sadness

Someone is surfing passion

Whereas someone is submerged in depression

This is how life is

It isn't fair 

But it makes everyone go through nightmare


Someone is trying so much

Whereas someone just gets it

Someone is in pain

Whereas someone enjoys the bliss

This is how life is

It isn't fair

But it makes everyone go through tear


Someone devotes time in getting love

Whereas someone just takes it for


Someone dies to make you live

Whereas someone lives to see you die

This is how life…

By Moin Uddin

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If I Get to Know

…it be that I wash my face so well

So I see beneath man’s handsome face 

Let it be that I train my heart to tell 

When a man is lying so I flee with pace


Should my emotions ever take heed 

I may live alone but not to be broken 

But my heart yearns to bleed 

Stubbornly I allow my self to be taken 


In brief joy, I vowed to be loyal 

To a love that will on live by the day 

The night came and his demon was fatal

Heartless and cruel he pushed me…

By Hamza Ayub

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December Winds

Song lyrics. A link to the music can be found here: https://youtu.be/2qTFg2e-Iqo


…came in a flurry, 

Brought by December winds;

A spark that I'd buried away.


And that spark burned ages ago,

But I shut my eyes and let it go.

Yet, somehow I've found it again.


Can't we rewind the story?

Can't we turn back the page?

All these questions I'm after 

Are suddenly standing in my way.

Can't I melt the frost around you?

This time, I won't run away.

As the winter snow falls,

I'm reminded of all we could save.


You're eyes were a…

By Theresa Redmond

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To Live With You Forever

…I see you my heart beats faster

Your presence makes the environment livelier

The normal talk with others but with you the pace gets faster

And often times I wonder what just happened as I am lost in your thoughts that I forget what's here and there.


I love you my sweetheart and I want you

I want to get married and live the rest of the life with you

I know there gonna be ups and downs

But let's promise that no matter what we will stand strong by each other's side and never fade away like a sand…

By Moin Uddin

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Borrowed Time - "My Sweetest What'll"

…wish the rain would come down smooth and slow, instead it’s just these buckets of sorrow. I refuse to edit myself as my tears fall and I say goodbye. You know more than anyone what the enslavement of my “Baggage” left me with. As I left the hospital I struggled to breath and speak with nothing more than a backpack and a plane ticket. I tried to play cool and I tried to avoid being seen.

Believe it or not I was once innocent, full of life and love. We were in the beginning happy and full of romance. When…

By Michael Vegas Gialketsis

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