Hot Wifer

…had no problem giving it away

Struggle to give away what everyone else tosses out

A beast of bad habits

Free love is the lifestyle

You called me a young lady as if it was a bad thing

I’m not your fallback girl with waterfall hair

Should I refer to you as an old man?

What if I identified as non-binary?

Would you find that nonsensical?

Are you old fashioned?

Have you heard any top 40 songs?

Do you think about your occupation?

How do you waste your time?

Behind the wheel taking me…

By Samantha Merz

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Rumpas Grumpas

One of my first poetic endeavors with sea-faring poetry


…O' buoyant rumpus grumpus; er' steamy clam'd drenched breaths do'eth shower mine hope's, when chanced I lay floating dreamingly, hammocked 'mognst the stays, you drifted seemingly, truly unafraid past this oaken'd ship as I sway.....lo', tis thine sanguineness, er' Pacific blue spray touched mine eternal spirit, O' soul, 'ore I feel in love with cetatious creatures at....

By A.T.Hirsch

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…but not a curse

A place could be haunted and vaunted

Standing up against a polemic public

Bygone bright orange pylon

Thinking of my fair weather friend

Didn’t move away or stray

Can’t find my backpack

Windmill out of my window sill

What if you destroy or lose something that you love?

Only originals, not copies

Your name is an adjective, an expression



By Samantha Merz

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Mountain and River

…love for you is purer


You are the world

You are the creator

Within you lies

Our happiness and smiles


Mountain and River

My love for you is purer


You are my tree

I am your fruit

You are my stem

I am your branch


Mountain and River

My love for you is purer


Life is beautiful

You are wonderful

You are my story

I am your writer


Mountain and River

My love for you is purer


Oh oh my princess

You are my dearest

Let's move above the fairy lands

And live life happily holding each…

By Moin Uddin

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There's something


That's going on between

Making it interesting

Full of love life that's everlasting


Oh the beautiful soul

Oh the beautiful life

I get lost in you

In your thoughts, in your memories

That gives me a feel

Which makes me zeal

And I live life in a thrill


Oh the calming rays

Oh the sunny days

Oh the flowing river

I see the reflection of you in water like in a mirror


There's something

That's going on between

Making it interesting

Full of love life that's…

By Moin Uddin

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When Evil Finds Me

The juxtaposition of evil vs. all


…evil finds me, I'll hold it close, to keep your gods at bay.

In this cloak of flesh and blood I hide from light of day.

When evil finds me, I will become what monsters dare to dream.

Time to reap fresh love of hell such as never seen.

When evil finds me, I'll look up, for signs of my appeal.

I'd claw each step to marble gates to make a final deal.

When evil finds me, I will burn for all the things I've done.

No more to weep for pities sake the…

By RayFed

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A Heart's Song

Just a random thoughts. The title might not even have connections with the body.


…heart creates a music that only another heart can hear.

It revibrates a tempo that echoes down to one's soul.

It belts out cracking sounds from the cries of a shattering heart.

A rhythmic beats of melodies flows out to mend; to make a stronger one.

A song is born, that speaks out the language understood by all.

A music to heal one's…

By Rhine Torres

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