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…Harris shuffled methodically through boxes and unorganized piles of her parents history in New Orleans, as well as their separate lives before their marriage. Her father, Henry’s life in Chicago, as a boy, and then San Francisco. And her mother, Marjorie’s in India, Japan and Europe.

Her mother’s letters to old college friends, as well as childhood playmates, were amazingly devoid of any real substance. Her journals, from her teenage years through college were the exact opposite. They were incredibly detailed.

Olivia could almost picture the sleek old halls of the boarding schools in Austria, Switzerland and England. She could…

By Abigail Moore

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The Day You Died

…glanced up from her laptop.

“Sorry to bother you,” The man next to her said. “Do you mind—” He rubbed a thick hand over his face. “I have to ask.”

Emma raised an eyebrow. “What’s up?”

“Folks, this is your captain.”

Emma gazed up at the cabin speaker.

“We’re beginning our final descent and will be arriving in fifteen minutes.”

“Can I ask your name?”

She looked back at the man. “Um…” She cleared her throat. “Emma.”

He shook his head. “You look exactly like someone I dated.”

“Weird. Did—”

“Allison. She had the same…” He gestured to Emma, his…

By L.L. Asher

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Not As She Dreamed

Planning a honeymoon and life threw a curveball.


…and Mrs. William Batts were finally taking their long delayed honeymoon trip. They were recipients of a Caribbean cruise as prize for opening a combined checking and savings account with Patriot’s National Bank.

Lisa planned on completing the novel she was writing...actually “thinking about” for two years. Bill just wanted to put his feet up, drink beer, and smoke his cigar. They joked it was time to consummate their marriage now that their four children were grown and not likely to interrupt.

The laptop and notebooks were stowed in the computer…

By Robert L. Scarry

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December Winds

Song lyrics. A link to the music can be found here: https://youtu.be/2qTFg2e-Iqo


…came in a flurry, 

Brought by December winds;

A spark that I'd buried away.


And that spark burned ages ago,

But I shut my eyes and let it go.

Yet, somehow I've found it again.


Can't we rewind the story?

Can't we turn back the page?

All these questions I'm after 

Are suddenly standing in my way.

Can't I melt the frost around you?

This time, I won't run away.

As the winter snow falls,

I'm reminded of all we could save.


You're eyes were a…

By Theresa Redmond

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Still I Rise

My story in a nutshell


…name is Jim Moon. I live in Cartersville Ga. I simply ask if you are interested in sharing a “feel good” story. The story is mine and the title is STILL I RISE.


I want to share a bit of my past. It will explain why my story can be a positive influence to so many who are hurting. I was adopted by relatives when I was 17 months old. My aunt and uncle became my parents and my parents became my aunt and uncle. A typical Jerry Springer episode. Prior to my adoption, I…

By Jim Moon

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Borrowed Time - "My Sweetest What'll"

…wish the rain would come down smooth and slow, instead it’s just these buckets of sorrow. I refuse to edit myself as my tears fall and I say goodbye. You know more than anyone what the enslavement of my “Baggage” left me with. As I left the hospital I struggled to breath and speak with nothing more than a backpack and a plane ticket. I tried to play cool and I tried to avoid being seen.

Believe it or not I was once innocent, full of life and love. We were in the beginning happy and full of romance. When…

By Michael Vegas Gialketsis

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Final Words eventually...

…wish you were here

I wanted you as you’re my sun

But talking to you now is my fear

As you’re with her and I’m done 

I cry as I see our memories in the mirror 

Whenever I get the courage you just shun

I'll just wait til you’re ready 

No one is perfect as you

You haunt my dreams as you’re Freddy 

This is just a fluke 

I wish I could hold you like a teddy

Cry into you when I don’t know what to do 

But how long would I have to wait?

Either way I’ll never…

By Anonymous

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A story about the last human A.I. battle cruiser Indomitable, referred to as 'Dom' by his crew.


…battle mode Dom."

"Aye, aye, Captain.", I say and his eyes close at the last.

In the delirium of my battle screens I watched crimson rain of micro beams fall and cyan streaks of plasma cut through the air.

The flash of freshly burnt copper vaporized and accelerated to speeds of light hangs in a haze over my view.

I find myself unable to act for a micro second, caught in hideous beauty of war within a vacuum.

To believe I and…

By RayFed

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Lake Cabin Day

Looking through the cabin windows, the lake gave me this visual.


…on the water, winds drive waves upon the rocks

Brightly colored water toys swept off their spots on docks

Boats are safely brought ashore, secure away from shoals

Laundry in from clotheslines, among the stated goals

Tools that rest near projects, gathered up and put in sheds

Garden gloves collected from the bordered flower beds.


Though the sun is shining, in the distance still a haze

Local knowledge tells of how the wind could last for days

The far shore just a grey-green line that clouds are trying to…

By James Geehring

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They’re Circles in Life?

…circles in life that hold so much joy that one’s mind

Prays for time to become stationary, so that the revolutionary

Position presenting itself will pause, joy dances around and

Through every soul becoming to us a DNA component, or, again

the twice pronouncement of whom our appearance is likened.


Though request are made and expectations hold high compassions

Thoughtfulness, the circle of life continues on its circular journey

Forever introducing varying situations in teaching-learning in perspectives

Perceptions time signature. For those of us knowing how fleetingly

Absent joy can be, we solidly understand gravities…

By Rodney Rollins

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