Rationalization, Responsibility, and Regret

Denial, admission, and acceptance - skewed?


…it Destiny

Brings me to this day?

Shadows, ghosts and fog

Shades of black and grey


Chances once not taken

Wagers cast and lost

Promised gold and silver

Paid in worthless dross


Can I blame cruel Fate

For where I’m now found?

Had I no control

Over paths gone…

By Mike Turner

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The Fish Doesn't Have To Be Real

Reflection of an earlier time, in fiction form.


…Whitworth had not failed in life. He’d retired from the U.S. Marine Corps as a brigadier general (although he’d only been given the rank as a retirement sendoff gift, and never really served holding the rank at all). Retirement pay was not that significant when it came to supporting his wife, repaying educational loans for his children and dealing with the real costs of owning a home on Wing Point. Whitworth needed a job. He’d found a job as part of a local crew fishing the Sound, but the skipper…

By James Strauss

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SnapShot-- Chapter Two

…was just like you. Except only better.

When the social media infection first began to spread, she was one of the very few who took it seriously. While everyone flocked to SnapShot and posted their selfies, lunches, and parties (with no less than three gaudy filters slapped one on top the other), she had taken the time to re-search the art of photography and modeling. Before everyone else, she knew the difference be-tween a 10mm lens and a 50mm lens, long exposure and exposure compensation, advertorial and editorial.  

She had used her phone like everyone else, but went the extra…

By Rich Etienne

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Missed Connections

…me at the park at midnight. If you don’t show, I’ll assume you don’t want to go through with it. - M"


AJ didn’t notice the note stuck under his wiper until the rain began on Eldridge Road.

He watched it flutter up over morning traffic and considered stopping, but he was late for work already so he let it go, focusing instead on his coffee.

After several long minutes in flight the note landed at the feet of a bus stop patron. She opened it, read it, considered it a moment, then threw it in the…


By Nova Walsh

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We Live As We Dream--Alone

I shared space with people called family. We had the same address, ate at the same table, even had the same last name, but we were strangers. We all lived alone together.


…haunted by memories.

I can still see that model airplane I built when I was twelve years old. I had a job delivering newspapers after school and saved all my money through most of the seventh grade. I wanted to buy an authentic P-40 Tomahawk fighter kit I'd been eyeing in the window of Thompson's Hobby Shop. It even had a working motor. The manager told me it…

By John Graham

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Nothing To See Here

Grady Pearson saw something in his cornfield that would forever change the way he viewed his life.


…heard a squawk—kind of like the goose call that comes out of a police cruiser. Blinking red and blue lights danced on the window shade, so I figured they must have nabbed somebody. The trouble was, they were behind my house, in my cornfield.

I peeled back the shade, and what did I see but a crap-load of state police parked sort of in a big circle. The ground mist was so thick, I barely made…

By Arthur M. Doweyko

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The Train from Tucumcari

…had been to Clayton, New Mexico many times by car and stayed at the Eklund hotel often. This time, perhaps his last, he came on the train from Tucumcari.

They met because they had been the sole occupants of the passenger car on the train other than two women conversing in German in the front seats. The old man and young girl were now the only customers for breakfast in the dining room of the Eklund Hotel in Clayton, New Mexico. According to the frost-encrusted thermometer just outside the window, it was fourteen degrees and howling wind pushed swirls of…

By John Green

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The Cedar Chest

Do inanimate objects pick up the energy around them? Do they absorb our emotions?


…am a unique, cedar chest.  My purpose is to keep priceless treasures safe and secure. Although other woods may grace my outside, inside, cedarwood lines my inner walls, bottom, and lid.  Cedarwood is a natural preservative which protects by deterring moths and other insects.

In 1964, a young woman became my new owner. She refinished my exterior, changing the color to an antique blue, and I became her hope chest. The young woman would always keep me against the footboard of her bed.  Periodically, my lid…

By Nancy Lou Henderson

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Regrets? Not I

…you had it to do again, would you?” The expression on her face, tubing in her arms, the beep of the machine and her head resting on a pillow warned me to craft my response carefully. Would I? the thought echoed. There are things I would do differently; study harder, be more resolute about my future and career. Overall, however, I have no regrets regarding choices I made or their consequences.

In that moment of thinking I realized how much she had sacrificed, and how selfish I was. She raised four children while I chased an education. She stayed at…

By Robert L. Scarry

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