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…made man in his own image and put him into a earthly home

God recognized that man was all alone

So God thought to himself ......let me create for him a soulmate and not just a clone

Let me create a kindred spirit is from his flesh and his bone

He took a bone from the place that protects the heart and the soul

We spend the majority of our lives searching for that missing piece just so we can feel whole

But most of the time we return with our heart broken into a million pieces

All coming from…

By Wordpl@y

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The Room

…room was empty. He sat by the wall staring at its blank surface. The white, unadorned, uncovered slab of drywall before him was easier to deal with then the emptiness behind and inside of him. He sighed, knowing he'd have to face it, all of it. The hollow shell of what his life once was. Still he sat, cross-legged not sure as to why. The wall wasn't going to change, the furniture wasn't going to be placed back. He was alone, he always felt alone, but it seemed worse now. There was no escape from the…

By Wil R. P. McCarthy

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Demonic Oppression

…need a host

It’s necessary to their survival

But Is it painful for him to watch you die...

His soul cries for love

While his body rages

His tongue whipping your back

And breaking your skin

The demon can only enter through a wound

Where’s the fault if he had no choice

If it was kill or be killed...

Malignancy spreads

Intent Possession

Your autonomy is gone

choices are no longer yours

You wanted to save him...

But you drowned in his despair

Now the words you speak are venomous

Fire burns inside your heart

Angry and…

By Becca Hulen

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The" Ghost" in most. (Who Am I?...#2)

Here is the 2nd Who Am I? A different style. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask questions if something doesn't make sense.


…wounds you know where not.

Inside an Echo of current rot.

Only what's lost.

Does one observe

Their existence at cost.

Oh... What nerve.

Memory askew of little known by you.

Festering in pain and anguish I grew.

Your flesh admires passion.

When denied lust escapes,

thoughts you desire of passion.

Calamity I leave to waste.

I'm no ruse, nor here to amuse.

Reasons for me to accuse then…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL77

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Soccer Moms Do It With Style

A girls night out, interrupted


…will never forget the look on his face as my husband, Ted, stared at me from the other side of a smudged plate of plexiglass. It was a mix of comical bewilderment and admiration. I wiped the tears from my mascara smeared eyes, picked up the phone, and started at the beginning.

It was Soccer Club Night. No, I didn’t play soccer, I was part of a group of women who fit the “Soccer Mom” profile to a tee. Dedicated mothers, members of the PTA, and tenaciously driven to raise the perfect family. We…

By Tracey Koehler

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On Time

…is indefinite, a sequence of continuous events from the past, within the present, and of the future to come.

Society has become fixated with the measurement and the scheduling of time, instead of directing their attention and energy to the sequence of events that are, in essence, their livelihood.

How wonderful life would be if we concentrated on the events that need to occur, rather that the twirly cogs in the machine; to measure our…

By Tracey Koehler

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Once Upon a Time

…suppose I did have that “once upon a time” moment in my life, but I watched helplessly as I let it slip through my fingers; forever lost to me. I spend my days in darkness, regret, my only companion, slowly losing hope. I am the monster hiding under my bed, slowly snuffing out the last of my dreams. I have but the dimmest spark left in my cold soul, and I wonder, as I sit in silence, will it be…

By Tracey Koehler

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Universal Woman

A Parable on Suffering


…strolled around his garden in the cool of morning. Hearing a beautiful songbird nearby, he reached for her, and she lovingly responded. He caught and caged her.

Over time, she grew weary in her cage, using her lovely voice only to shriek about her circumstances. He mocked her weight gain and spent excessive amounts of time with other songbirds, instead of her. Not having the strength to bear another moment of mental torture, she fell to the bottom of the cage, begging for death to set her…

By L L Cartin

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A CIA Agent gets more then he expected from a debriefing of a former KGB agent in 1993. A strange tale emerges of a secret Soviet Space project and a flying saucer in 1969.


In Memory of my Late Wife Susan who helped edit this story.

…a deep sigh the clean cut CIA agent stood up and snubbed a cigarette out in an ash tray on the heavy wooden table before him. He looked intently at a bearded dirty man in tattered clothes on the other side of the table. He tugged at his blue tie and turned to his right and walked slowly away from the table. He looked into a long nearby mirror and slowly shook his…

By Lee Crystal

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