Cristina Collazo

Inka's Curse Part 17: Request

…Ellen replied, “Send her in.” She looked up to observe me enter. I wondered what she thought of me. Most people regard me as a helpless weakling. Now was most likely now different as I struggled not to show my cowardice. The queen bore scars on her neck. I was able to see they were lettering. 

I don’t know what she expects, but I’ve been looking forward to this meeting. 

I should just be straightforward with her. “I’m sorry my queen. I know that it looks bad for me, but it was an accident. I didn’t know these things belonged…

By Cristina Collazo

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Inka's Curse Part 16: Queen Ellen

…promised me that when we were secure she’d instruct me how to sword fight.

We have been at it for a while, and I was excited to finally learn how to use this thing.

Rachel won most of the sparring matches between them, but I am getting much better than I was. Our swords clacked against each other as sweat dripped from my forehead. Even though I’m slender while Rachel is more muscularly built I think we both were more than a good match for each other. We don’t speak to each other as we…

By Cristina Collazo

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The Robot’s Stew

…cleans and cooks for the woman and the cat. When it is not doing its job, it was on 'rest' mode. It never sees the woman, just the cat. 

It was always nice to the cat. It was programmed to do the task at hand. A list of chores to do in the same order in the same way every single day. That never bothered it. Nothing should be able to bother it. 

The cat was its only problem. The cat was always watching it. 

Every time it had to clean the litter box the cat would attack. The cat…

By Cristina Collazo

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Inka's Curse Part 15: Practice

…I guess. You haven't been the oddest creature so far. Not even the centaurs... I think I saw a mythical dragon recently. The forest had instantly frozen in fear as he latched on to the dead bear. He proclaimed to me that not all creatures are bad like not all humans are good then he flew away with a bear my sword killed.”

“That had to be a fantastic dream. Dragons are extinct or at least they have vanished from this country.”

“I know. The last time anyone encountered a dragon has been over a hundred years ago. It…

By Cristina Collazo

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Inka's Curse Part 14: Rachel

…inspect the bodies to see if anyone’s still breathing.

We slayed them but one. He instantly disappeared and I have no idea what his true form is. I don’t think I saw it. She didn’t see him either. I do know he was the one that bites the guard in the neck.

“Let me go with you. I can protect you.”


“I don't know why. I just know it’s urgent.”

“It’s about the enchanted sword. They saw it’s true form. I bet you do too.”

“I do but that’s not it. Believe me.”

“I don’t think I can do…

By Cristina Collazo

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Inka's Curse Part 13: Centaurs

…shiver crawling up my back and my spine. Then one the men scream out. He is being assaulted by one of the men…

The guards try to stop him. A fight breaks out. The man begins transforming. He becomes a centaur. His nostrils were flared wide. 

I struggled to pull out my sword, whipping around as I felt hot breath on my neck. 

My heart stopped as I was suddenly encountering another centaur. 

“Give me the sword, or I’ll take it after stomping you to death.” His front horse legs lifted up. A smirk crossed his face. 

Next, to him…

By Cristina Collazo

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Inka's Curse Part 12: An Attack

…tighten the fur coat Ruth carefully provided me. The coat is uncomfortable bulky, but it keeps me warm and hidden.

A frail boy is walking tiredly around the square ringing a bell and shouting, “Fire, fire!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Near the entrance, some outsiders started some trouble.”

I continue anxiously on my way as he shouts frantically. 

Walking along the ruined wall I can see where it began. It didn’t get very far. The thick wood was damaged and stained blackly.

Chief surrounded by concerned civilians wanting answers. “There was an attempt to burn down the village. The…

By Cristina Collazo

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An Ugly Fool

…did she begin fearing the person she saw in the mirror? When did she start seeing herself as a monster? Susan wondered whether her obsession with her outside flaws automatically meant that she was hideous on the inside. Was the image she examined just a reflection of who she was as a person?

Susan had always hated her neck. She used to always look down to not reveal it. Susan’s father would yell at her in the car when she was sitting in the passenger seat because she was so used to concealing it that she wouldn't sit up upright. Susan…

By Cristina Collazo

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Inka's Curse Part 11: Ruth

…you heard of what happened to ..." Ruth begins saying.

“I know already, and I have to go by there. So please no more tears. You’ve cried enough for me.”

“But a dreadful thing has just happened. So many innocent people are dead. There are even rumors that the most magnificent wizards can’t understand what had happened there.”

Her eyes were inflamed and red-rimmed. She had been crying. Now I’ve made things worse for her. Maybe I shouldn't have stopped by. I wonder how often I hadn’t made it home on time that she would assume I was…

By Cristina Collazo

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Inka's Curse Part 10: Home

…get me started on what’s become of the forest. She just wants the forest for herself.”

“You’re wrong about her. Queen Ellen is a genuine hero. She’s our savior. Things have never been as peaceful as they are now.”

Herman isn’t as bad as I thought. He’s intriguing and so is Lilo. I need to pay them a visit after I return from my daunting journey.

I don’t have time for this, though. I’ll have to interrupt their endless back and forth argument. “Excuse me,” I said grimly. “I really have to go…

By Cristina Collazo

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