Old is becoming as new.

This I wrote as a new experience for an older man whom believed he already had a lot to offer.


I've earned my crown of grey.

Not promised the next day.

Lives gone yet still not afraid,

For what I've learned most would pay.

To awake just this morning,

Produced appreciation while yawning.

Life and it's vast array of beauty dawning.

On an old man at peace not wanting.

Memories are my treasury in this vault.

My wrongs, my pain, my Fault.

My joys, my smiles, my own not bought.

So much I have and none have I taught.

"Pawpaw can you show me to throw"

Glass shattered from over what I known.

I’m still me only a little old.

A new experience I was never told.

By InSaNeLy NoRmL 77

From: United States