Blind Greed

A "Think About" on one of the 7 Deadly Sins: GREED


Lucy placed a cup of tea on the table in the far corner of the super supermarket’s food court. She removed her sweater before sitting down. As one who was sensitive to invisible energies, there was never a perfect time to shop in public places, only a prayer that nothing too malevolent would attack her.

True to routine, she slowly sipped her warm, herbal drink while conducting a psychic scan of the interior building and its customers, a practice that typically takes thirty minutes, even more when the store is exceptionally crowded. There was nothing out of the ordinary that caught Lucy’s attention, and she was nearly ready to make a mad dash to the fresh produce section, purchase some items, and be on her way.

She finished her tea and stood up, tossing the empty cup into a nearby garbage pail behind her. Lucy unexpectedly felt a psychic dagger dead-center between her shoulder blades. She quickly turned. A striking woman, tall, dark hair, very well dressed appeared in Aisle 10—Pet Food, directly in front of the café. She had a large, floppy handbag on the child’s seat of her shopping basket, a designer bag by its distinctive color Lucy identified from her favorite televisions show.

The woman examined various items on the shelves before placing several cans of cat food into the lower portion of the basket. She partially disappeared behind an array of packaged items stacked high on display tables, leaving a cloud of ominous energy in full view—something Lucy knew all too well. Chills ran along her spine.

A noise outside distracted Lucy and she turned her head toward the window. A throng of huge crows squawked and pecked at the glass, as though drawn to the vile thing inside the store.

Lucy pulled on her sweater for protection—although fully aware she needed more than that to keep her safe from what she was sensing. Hoping for the portentous force in the store to soon be on its way, she stayed motionless.

Its plume grew larger, more frightening. Lucy guessed it was aware of her presence and knew she could foretell what it was about to do. She looked down to grab her purse off the table but was restrained. That could only mean one thing to an intuitive such as Lucy—a dreadful future awaited someone.

The woman reappeared from behind the display tables. Her bag was bulging, as if filled with stolen items off the shelves. The energy followed close behind her in the way of a bodyguard. Blind Greed was the phrase Lucy heard. It would take a miracle to break that kind of evil, being the deadliest among the seven on record for destroying a human being’s life.

Lucy inhaled a deep sigh of relief that it came no closer to where she was standing. She had just enough time remaining to meet her kindergartener’s school bus and decided to leave the store without purchasing any produce. About to reach for her purse, more crows began diving into the windows. A manager came over to lower the shades, accidentally bumping into Lucy’s table, shaking it somewhat. He noticed Lucy’s purse had partially opened, and its contents spilled out onto the table. The manager frowned at the sight of unpaid items. Lucy’s hand began to shake—concern for her daughter overwhelmed her.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked the manager, posturing herself as entitled, superior, wealthier than the employee next to her.

“Is this your purse?”

“It was left here by that lady at the end of Aisle 10, the one with dark hair. She asked me to watch it for her.”

The manager’s head turned to look down the empty aisle, then back at Lucy. She was gone. The purse was gone too.

By L L Cartin

From: United States




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