Little Lies

There’re little lies we all believe,

because they make us feel good,

like things happen for a reason

If you do what Jesus would.

Now, the truth we don’t say out loud,

like progress comes from greed.

And, an artist is just a fool who makes

the things that no one needs.

Or, to put this another way,

you might as well be masturbating.

It’d be easier to sell the paint,

than the god damn oil painting.


But baby, keep creating

as long as it’s liberating.

And, pour your soul into everything you do.

But me, I’ve already seen

the side where the grass is green,

and got home with dog shit on my shoe.


There’re little lies we all believe,

because they make us feel safe,

like ignoring a lack of evidence

is not the same as faith.

Now, Grandpa’s up in heaven

And, we can talk to him from our beds.

But, if he’s still involved with our bull shit

what’s the point of being dead?

Or to put this another way,

just say “shucks” when you mean “gee-wiz”,

because when you take His Son’s name in vain

God doesn’t know how great He is.


But baby, keep believing,

because it’s got to be relieving

if you can accept whatever the future brings.

Now me, I’m in the front row,

watching this shitty magic show,

wishing that I couldn’t see the strings.


There’re little lies we all believe,

because they make us feel loved,

like the people at work are family,

but, paid water isn't blood.

Now, the worm at the bottom,

of the company kool-aid,

is that we’re all better off not knowing just

how many times we’ve been betrayed.

Or, to put this another way,

Family will give you another chance.

But, when you shit yourself at work,

there’s shit in everybody’s pants.


But baby, keep on trusting

that your world is still adjusting.

Your path will move whichever way you choose.

And me, I will not enlist

to become a nihilist,

because no good will come from spreading the bad news.

By Paul Resnick

From United States