Losing Hope


…is the room of the broken heart

Capacity reached

Forlornly trying to seek the needle and thread to stitch me back together

So many limitations, so bleak

Eternity can not fix this

No sunshine

No hope

A darkened room that just gets smaller and smaller with the passing time

No recourse 

No remedy to fix this

The repetitions carving the jagged line that separates the halves of the heart

No fortitude 

The pericardium trying to hold steadfast

The core of the heart seeking any warmth that lay within the chambers 

The darkness can not fade

It will not…

By Traci Baranek

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Once Upon a Time

…suppose I did have that “once upon a time” moment in my life, but I watched helplessly as I let it slip through my fingers; forever lost to me. I spend my days in darkness, regret, my only companion, slowly losing hope. I am the monster hiding under my bed, slowly snuffing out the last of my dreams. I have but the dimmest spark left in my cold soul, and I wonder, as I sit in silence, will it be…

By Tracey Koehler

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Little Lies

…lies we all believe,

because they make us feel good,

like things happen for a reason

If you do what Jesus would.

Now, the truth we don’t say out loud,

like progress comes from greed.

And, an artist is just a fool who makes

the things that no one needs.

Or, to put this another way,

you might as well be masturbating.

It’d be easier to sell the paint,

than the god damn oil painting.


But baby, keep creating

as long as it’s liberating.

And, pour your soul into everything you do.

But me, I’ve already seen

the side where…

By Paul Resnick

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What goes up, must come down

…deceitful and Cunning

Knowing your worst fears

Preying upon your doubts

Wait for it to pass

claustrophobic and anxious

Soon loneliness will become sadness

leading only to despair


the light is gone.

Like the flip of a switch,

The darkness rolls like a wave

It fears nothing, but for light

Mine unfortunately extinguished

I don’t fight it this time.

No kicking, no screaming.

No search for a candle

just lay down and hold my breath

air is thick with abandonment

No one is going to come for you.

Waiting and hoping extends suffering

You must simply close your…

By Becca Hulen

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Not A Secret Vice

Gluttony on a national level is not the answer to global thinking.


…you're saying the forecast is bad.”

The four degrees Celsius kind, my lad.

“Really? Fossil fuels and factory farming?”

Overconsumption, overcombustion; it's quite alarming.

“Hmmph. What’s the worst we're looking at?”

Common sense runs thin, we all run too fat.

“Any chance we can avert?”

Hah. Headlong to a world of hurt.

“Guess no sense paying down debt.”

Nope: at least ice was nice, while it lasted.

“How much will we lose?”

The coasts and south, be singing underwater blues.

“What about the rest?”

Northern heartland will have…

By David M. Hoenig

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Emotional Avalanche

Some people build
With a strong foundation 
Love and energy
Glue and paste
A formality
Others destroy
Build downward 
Rip at the core
At any crevice
Left unglued 
Or flawed
Even the
Strongest structure 
Can come 
Power to undo
A deadly weapon.

By Denise Marsh

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