Tracey Koehler

Soccer Moms Do It With Style

A girls night out, interrupted


…will never forget the look on his face as my husband, Ted, stared at me from the other side of a smudged plate of plexiglass. It was a mix of comical bewilderment and admiration. I wiped the tears from my mascara smeared eyes, picked up the phone, and started at the beginning.

It was Soccer Club Night. No, I didn’t play soccer, I was part of a group of women who fit the “Soccer Mom” profile to a tee. Dedicated mothers, members of the PTA, and tenaciously driven to raise the perfect family. We…

By Tracey Koehler

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On Time

…is indefinite, a sequence of continuous events from the past, within the present, and of the future to come.

Society has become fixated with the measurement and the scheduling of time, instead of directing their attention and energy to the sequence of events that are, in essence, their livelihood.

How wonderful life would be if we concentrated on the events that need to occur, rather that the twirly cogs in the machine; to measure our…

By Tracey Koehler

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Once Upon a Time

…suppose I did have that “once upon a time” moment in my life, but I watched helplessly as I let it slip through my fingers; forever lost to me. I spend my days in darkness, regret, my only companion, slowly losing hope. I am the monster hiding under my bed, slowly snuffing out the last of my dreams. I have but the dimmest spark left in my cold soul, and I wonder, as I sit in silence, will it be…

By Tracey Koehler

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…they won’t leave me alone,

Voices from long past and still they roam.

They tell me my downfalls, my mistakes, and regrets,

All of this way to much to bear in one’s head.

I open my mouth and let them all out,

A pure primal scream, the echo rings throughout.

I through back my head, feeling empty inside.

I pushed them all out, left no place to hide.

When in the emptiness, a small voice arose.

It was hard to recognize the voice as my own.

As tears streamed down my cheeks, for the very first time.

My mind filled….

By Tracey Koehler

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The Abyss

…slate-like under my bare feet; cold, slick, impenetrable. The air is stale and clammy. My hands blindly lunge into obscurity; nothing within grasp, only the vacuum of the dark barren. The cold emanates from within my soul and spreads through the fibers of my nerves, embracing every inch of my body. I call out; my voice falling flat, no walls to echo my shout. I shiver, not knowing if this is from the chilling dankness or my own fear and fall to the ground.

Sobbing, I crawl through the misty darkness for hours. The floor is slick from the dewy…

By Tracey Koehler

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Let Sleeping Demons Lie

…heart races as I toss, turn, and kick away another night. If I do manage to fall asleep, the nightmare begins.

An invisible demon, throws me about. The pain so real, I think I may die. I know it is a dream, but I cannot wake. I try to run, every muscle straining as if I am weighed down. I try to scream; silent breath only escaping my lips. I think I wake, only to feel the invisible demon attack again, and I realize I am still dreaming.

So scared.

What if I never wake?

Repeating over and over until…

By Tracey Koehler

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Dancing Wishes

…wishes blowing through the wind
Each possibility, dancing along the breeze
Chasing chance. so our dreams can begin
Endless wishes blowing through the wind
Dancing on sunshine, our most lively whims
To see it all, by air, land, or seas
Endless wishes blowing through the wind
Each possibility, dancing along the…

By Tracey Koehler

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The Provincial

…flinched as I heard a thud, followed by mad fluttering. I cautiously approached the kitchen window, and peered through the murkiness outdoors. A massive black bird lay on the ground, flapping his wings, but unable to right himself. The poor thing must have lost his bearings in this weather and flew into the the large picture window. His fluttering became erratic, then slowed, and finally stopped.

The weather outside was dank and the ground covered in thick fog; not a day to spend outdoors by any means. It was, however, perfect for an evening inside with a good book and…

By Tracey Koehler

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Moonlight’s Desire

…had felt it building within her for several nights past. A fire pulsing through her veins with wondrous intensity, awakening her dulled senses. Every nerve, titillating with an electrifying arousal, yet she felt an inner tranquility, with such clarity, in a most strange and harmonious circumstance of coexistence. As the sun set in the West and the moon began to rise, she felt her yearning come alive, the most arousing, exquisite ache of her life. Feverish with passion and pleasures inside, she threw back her head in her ravishing frenzy and howled at the moon above, welcoming her new…

By Tracey Koehler

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First Step

…must take the first step,

dead calm surrounding me.

My heart is beating fast inside,

my terror running free.

To step into the unknown,

with no safety net to catch.

A stagnant life of caution,

or live with some regrets?

The choice lies here before me.

Which path fate chose I met.

One thing is though, quite certain.

We must each decide ourselves,

for your path isn’t for me,

and mine for no one…

By Tracey Koehler

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