So many voices, they won’t leave me alone,

Voices from long past and still they roam.

They tell me my downfalls, my mistakes, and regrets,

All of this way to much to bear in one’s head.

I open my mouth and let them all out,

A pure primal scream, the echo rings throughout.

I through back my head, feeling empty inside.

I pushed them all out, left no place to hide.

When in the emptiness, a small voice arose.

It was hard to recognize the voice as my own.

As tears streamed down my cheeks, for the very first time.

My mind filled only with peace, and this new voice of mine.

By Tracey Koehler

From United States

Website https://tkbloodstainedlips.com

Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/tkBloodStainedLips/