Seeing Red Again! (Who Am I?...#1)

This is as you can see in the title the first of a series I'm working on to become a book.


Blind with no guide, I discern glimpses.

Of alarm, panic, with dread.

A steady stream of sins flooding all senses.

Creating a whole life graciously fed.

In the closet, awaits your skeletons.

Under the bed you'll find those monsters.

You see My Introspection is unilluminated,

ill felt and perhaps a tad distorted.

A Hate crime in suffering passionately,

aggressively assaulting my mentality.

Could be just My realization.

Progressing my Fears to torment.

Once you Lost your mind.

I found it within your darkness.

Whispering to your hearts true design.

Today I am free to be me, that's heartless.

A constructive destruction,

absent reasons for you to deny,

Those who never heeded your instruction.

I am the black out of the mind,

The red blaze seering the eyes.

I do apologize should I cross your path.

Who Am I?...

Your Sedated hatreds unspoken Wrath!

By InSaNeLy NoRmL77

From: United States