(Who am I?... #5) Murderer of Innocence.

Well here is the 5th who am I? Hope yall are enjoying them as much as I enjoy writing them.


With words I can create,

visually paint.

A picture puncturing,

senses thought,

by you as common.

It's selfish hate when I,


ones fate,

noticed to late.

Nothing more I appreciate.

Cursed destruction is my gift.

Pain and mind binding to every,

lie truthfully believed is yours.

So as I sharpen my skills.

and hone my craft of death.

Scars I re-open to bleed out.

Weak and feeble now we can play.

Damaged and hurt then my lucky day.

Ruins of others are burdens upon me.

I see voices and I hear faces.

Though wide awake,

daydreaming of addictions,

I'll induce until everything,

you lose.

I am the lunacy,

of asylums.

The proprietor of internal,


A cloaked deception of Love.

Unique Machiavellian murderer,

of the innocent... ( Gun shot)

Please forgive my cause for all the pain.


By InSaNeLy NoRmL

Instagram: Insanely norml

Twitter: @norml77