(Who am I?...#4) Every King within.

Well here is #4 in my (Who am I?) series I want to get published. Let me know whats up?


Fluently dour nightmares elucidate,

an oasis of extravagant horrors.

Promising hope declares a mandate,

for agonizing torturous mutilation.

Recognition, peering in the mirror,

eludes comprehension of distortment.

A familiar face with similar taste,

invades with haste to stake my place.

On the eve of sunset,

amidst the fiery yellows,

within the blend of passions purple,

clashing of the flamingos pink hue.

A disbelief of such serenity.

Brings back to reality,

a knowing remembrance,

hatred conceived me.

Fervently streams of guilt relentlessly,

Collide forming a swell to flow over.

Dams fractured now seeping laceration,

trickles into roaring beasts strategic in advance.

Never had a chance with pre-destin plans.

Needle in hand easy cause man,

weakens to lusts desires of flesh addicts.

Anticipation from devouring a soul, salivating.

Claws of mine embedded.

Deep corrupted heart of the mind.

Blind to my guide. Your King of,

the night, you know where to find.

Who am I? I am your Sin.

Everyone's King within.

By InSaNeLy NoRmL77

From: United States

Instagram: Insanely norml77

Twitter: @77norml