Forest of Blades and Everglades

…no amount of medication 

Can’t take away the thought of you and him

I crave validation 

I wish with this it was easy to skim

I told you what happened at school

You acted like you didn’t hear

I felt like a fool

Once again I’m alone something I’ve feared

I want to stay numb

So I’ll never see you choose 

I’ll fade away as you’re having fun 

It’s not like I got something to lose

I can’t take this anymore! I’m done

Hello the forest of blades

My skin craves the release

I’m sick of this cage

The one…

By Shayla Upperman

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Mind Numbing

…broke my first neck when I was eight. I didn’t even know I had done it when it happened. I just stared at the stupid PE teacher who was yelling at me and I wanted him to lie down and die. And he did. Just like that. It was the first of many neck breaks. And car crashes and plates broken. But, like I said, I wasn’t even aware that I had done it. Ost of the kids were just scared and screaming as the blood escaped from the corner of Mr. Brightman’s mouth. His eyes were wide open staring…

By T Gamache

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(Who am I?...#4) Every King within.

Well here is #4 in my (Who am I?) series I want to get published. Let me know whats up?


…dour nightmares elucidate,

an oasis of extravagant horrors.

Promising hope declares a mandate,

for agonizing torturous mutilation.

Recognition, peering in the mirror,

eludes comprehension of distortment.

A familiar face with similar taste,

invades with haste to stake my place.

On the eve of sunset,

amidst the fiery yellows,

within the blend of passions purple,

clashing of the flamingos pink hue.

A disbelief of such serenity.

Brings back to reality,

a knowing remembrance,

hatred conceived me.

Fervently streams of guilt relentlessly,

Collide forming a swell to flow over.

Dams fractured now seeping laceration,

trickles into roaring beasts strategic in…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL77

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My memory is still in love with you.

Love is a dreadfully glorious death.


…wish you were dead, so that your decaying bones turned to sacred ash beneath a marker I can lie my broken-openly beating heart apon, when I need to be near you. 

But you aren't, and I am left to oblige your wishes to never see me again. You still walk this earth, and I still bleed for you, mourn and wail for you, seeking you in every lover I have taken since. 

Anesthetize me, I beg of men's bodies. My thirst never quelled, my memory is still in love with…

By Susan M. Conway

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Horror Lore & Survival Guide

In case your damned soul ever finds itself in the mouth of darkness…


…Oxford Dictionary defines the concept as “An intense feeling of fear, shock or disgust”. In the field of narrative fiction, it’s the genre whose main goal is to incite feelings related to dread, deeply related to the anticipating feeling before a fearful experience, also known as Terror. In spite of how many basic definitions had been given to the notion, every sentient being in the universe(s) can concede that horror, in all his forms and types, involves the action of generating fear on any living…

By RC Lanzmann

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Venomous Repentance

To anyone who has ever been sexually abused... you are not alone. You are not your wounds and I pray that you heal as best that you can.


…invited you to come take a seat with me on this branch and for some reason you felt the need to push me. You shoved me and I know you believe that by doing so you released whatever demons that lay inside of you. Perhaps you thought that the words that came out of your mouth would somehow dissolve your actions into the night…

By Taylor Amber Rose

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Within Her Skin

…first love,

she left me bleeding,

venison hanging

for the hyenas’ feeding.

It was over before

I started talking.

Her flip-flopping feet

were already off walking.

The robot within her skin

disturbed me,

when she said she was dirty

and doesn't deserve me.

My first love

never caught me creeping

outside her window

to watch her sleeping.

But, seeing her old man,

a-stumbling drunk.

I heard her scream.

Put him in my trunk.

The robot within her skin

was gone.

Her father sank through the water

and we rolled…

By Paul Resnick

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The" Ghost" in most. (Who Am I?...#2)

Here is the 2nd Who Am I? A different style. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask questions if something doesn't make sense.


…wounds you know where not.

Inside an Echo of current rot.

Only what's lost.

Does one observe

Their existence at cost.

Oh... What nerve.

Memory askew of little known by you.

Festering in pain and anguish I grew.

Your flesh admires passion.

When denied lust escapes,

thoughts you desire of passion.

Calamity I leave to waste.

I'm no ruse, nor here to amuse.

Reasons for me to accuse then…

By InSaNeLy NoRmL77

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My Friends

Having to deal with my own depression along with my Bipolar daughter as she grew up, made for a crazy life less friends


…have some friends

I would like you to meet

With some ever growing feet




Feeling a crazy madness

You see tears running down

And I feel like noise won't slow now



Spinning me

All I want is quiet please

From these friends

I want you to meet

Tie them up

And hide them away

I no longer want to play

I feel crazy


Not myself

Can you please help

My mind…

By Tina Zimmerman

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Through the Glass

…me in the eyes and tell me! Tell me that you hate me and don’t want me in your life!” I pause, make my hands in to a fist, “just tell me.” Blood was dripping and glass was scattered all over. I stumble, hitting my back against the wall, tears racing down my cheeks. I take a seat on the cold tile floors, pick up a piece of the glass and star at the girl on the other side. Look deep into her eyes and whisper…

By Maddy

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