Forest of Blades and Everglades

Y'know no amount of medication 

Can’t take away the thought of you and him

I crave validation 

I wish with this it was easy to skim

I told you what happened at school

You acted like you didn’t hear

I felt like a fool

Once again I’m alone something I’ve feared

I want to stay numb

So I’ll never see you choose 

I’ll fade away as you’re having fun 

It’s not like I got something to lose

I can’t take this anymore! I’m done

Hello the forest of blades

My skin craves the release

I’m sick of this cage

The one that stands the tease

This blood will become the Everglades 

These are my last days

Will you reach into that blood?

The one I’m drowning in?

Or will I lose your touch?

As I’m buried in sin

Are you afraid to be infected as such?

I watch over above, the rain

While I’m surrounded by parts of my body

It just reminds me nothing will change 

As I’m just a nobody 

That I’ll never be sane

You wouldn’t care probably 

How would it be if I was dead?

Would you feel remorse or relief?

Would you think of what I said?

Cause I’m closing in defeat 

Ready for my deathbed 

I want to become a spirit

So I can watch over 

To see how you’ll deal with it 

To see what you tell your mother 

To see what you cherished 

I never wanted to be a bother 

So I’ll leave you and this life

So your burdens lifted 

This isn’t worth the fight 

My trauma is so twisted

I pretend that it doesn’t haunt me through the night

Even I opened about it as nothing to insist it

I don’t have a fear of heights 

As my reasons are listed

I’m ready to take flight

I’ll never tell you when 

But I’ll snap

It would be when lights dim

To escape this mouse trap

When I stop trying to fend

Where there’s nothing left

There’s nothing we could mend 

This is my deadend

By Shayla Upperman

From: United States

Instagram: __mochashay__

Twitter: Mochashay123