Hyper-Pigmented Psychedelia

Seasonal saturated strawberry swirls

It’s smoky with heather clouds

Dreams of Saxe blue swimming pools

Wearing a spruce suit, found it hard to resist you

There were pickles in the delicious beef sliders

Felt more like a daffodil than a dandelion that evening

Wanted some ginger tea to settle my stomach

Holding onto the mahogany railing while walking towards the lobby

Food colouring stained my tie-dye t-shirt

Spirals and television static left me hypnotized

Maybe I am hallucinating because I see rainbow zebras

Heavenly face, red polka dotted lace but could be replaced

By Samantha Merz

Website: https://samanthamerz.wordpress.com/

Instagram: @marblemessages

Twitter: @sambcmerz