The" Ghost" in most. (Who Am I?...#2)

Here is the 2nd Who Am I? A different style. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask questions if something doesn't make sense.


Exit wounds you know where not.

Inside an Echo of current rot.

Only what's lost.

Does one observe

Their existence at cost.

Oh... What nerve.

Memory askew of little known by you.

Festering in pain and anguish I grew.

Your flesh admires passion.

When denied lust escapes,

thoughts you desire of passion.

Calamity I leave to waste.

I'm no ruse, nor here to amuse.

Reasons for me to accuse then abuse.

You've entered your Hell.

Knowing, no turning back.

Do please, scream and yell.

I'd really like that.

You've tightroped life in your sickness.

A devoured soul of your Unforgiveness.

By InSaNeLy NoRmL77

From: United States