My lover's scent is rain

Dew drops on a petal

Sweetness of a sugar cane

Flowers in a meadow


My lover's touch is the wind

Gentle and warm in embrace

Thoughts full of sex and sin

Ecstasy on his face


My lover's body is earth

To him, my nourishment, I entrust

For him I have such a thirst

To sow the seeds of lust 


My lover's lips are fire

Melting my flesh with lulling heat

Igniting the flames of desire

Making my temperature peak


My lover's eyes are voclanoes

Erupting with passion and urge

Hungry, craving souls

Longing to merge

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Even In Death



Happy Halloween guys and ghouls…


She sobs pitifully; pathetically, strolling unintentionally to where the deceased make their beds and slumber in deafening silence. Eternally confined to the abyss of darkness. Never to taste bliss, happiness, the thrills and frills of life again. The ridiculous and shameful end to many of men who risked their lives to barely live. Where crows pose on wooden poles raised high above the rows. Where corpses, uninhabited, lie stiffly morbid under the placid earth. Where from birth all are cursed to feel hurt.

She stumbles past the stones that mark the lair of bones, thrones of the unknown left forgotten and alone. No mercy to be shown for this poor girl’s moan is heard from afar. Her scars burn, and the agony intensifies. Her worst fears becoming a reality check in which she cannot escape this ill-fated, anticipated, exaggerated wreck. Sorrowful memories rush back…

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Evil Eye Chapter 3


Chapter 3: The Unknown

The darkness is so deep it’s suffocating. I find that the more I concentrate on seeing, the more I hyperventilate trying to catch my breath in the frosty air. Sure, heat rises and we’re pretty far underground but the change in temperature is so drastic that my body doesn’t know how to adjust. Up ahead, my brother’s asthma gets the best of him. He doubles over hacking up his lungs the wheezing echoing in the passageway. I bump into his crouched body, the speed of my haste sending me toppling over his back. I face plant onto the solid ground, teeth cracking against the rock. Stars light up my vision.

“Why would you stop like that?” I bark impatiently through bloody lips.

“I’m CLEARLY dying over here, no one told you to keep walking dummy.” He retorts.

“Well I can’t see, so stopping in the middle of the damn…” I lose my train of thought trying to find a word for whatever this place is. His coughing subsides but the wheezing doesn’t. I’m reminded of more pressing matters than a busted lip. I rein in my angst, “Sorry man. I’m freaking out right now. It’s pitch-black, freezing, and mommy just sent us down here after doing some type of voodoo while being chased by an army of I don’t know who’s for I don’t know what!” Tears well up in my eyes. Putting a cap on my anxiety is becoming impossible work…

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Evil Eye Chapter 2


Chapter 2: Narrow Escape 

    Survival instincts kick into overdrive, my feet carrying me faster than they’ve ever moved before. We’re up the three flights of stairs in seconds with me taking up the rear. I reach our apartment and hurl myself through, slamming the door shut with a forceful bang. Mom springs into action without losing another moment. Facing our apartment door, she closes her eyes and mumbles the beginnings of an eerie chant. The colors in the room swirl and throb to the rhythm of her incantation which steadily picks up in pace. Her arms are at her side palms up. With each rise in tempo they are lifted into the air until she is holding them up over head with the heels of her hands touching, fingers cupped around a glowing orb of energy. The ball of light grows bigger until it bursts with a sharp shrill splattering iridescent shimmers onto the walls around us.

                The silvery splats drip down like melting metal filling in the once invisible lines etched into the sheet rock. Foreign symbols line the walls shining brightly and then dimming out. “Dammit!” Mom curses. “It’s not working!”

                My brother and I turn to one another in absolute shock and awe. The whole spectacle…

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Evil Eye Chapter 1


To be continued...



Chapter 1: Rude Awakening

A great rumbling is felt beneath our feet as the building shakes violently from its foundation. It sways to the left at a sharp angle knocking books off their shelves and sending us toppling over grabbing onto fixtures trying to regain our balance.  A look of sheer panic is sprawled across my brother’s face which matches the terror in my racing heart. We exchange frightened glances and run into our mother’s room to wake her.

“Ma! Maaa!” I yank at her bedsheets desperate to get her up in time, “Maa wake up! Look!”

Groggy, she yawns and rises taking a peak out of the bedroom window in the direction that I am frantically pointing at. The trees and landscape outside are rushing past as if we were glancing out of a speeding car. The building seems to be sliding down hill at a steady pace. My heart is in my throat now, yet my mother looks on unbothered.

“Yeah, this is asinine,” she comments nonchalantly before stretching and rolling out of bed slipping on her house shoes. She twirls a finger in the air without a care and trudges off to the bathroom to brush her teeth. “It’ll stop”.

We stare at her mouths dropping and eyes wide with confusion. Without realizing when it happened, the building comes to an abrupt stop some feet away from its original location. The elementary school that was directly across the street now positioned far left.

“What the hell?” My brother asks out loud baffled. He’s on her heels in a heartbeat. “What are you doing?! We gotta go!”

I hear her chuckle sheepishly. “We don’t have to go anywhere. Now move,” she pushes him playfully out…

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When you tried to bury me six feet under hoping I was dead, but sparked my rebirth instead…


Everything we had was a lie.

Every moment we shared tainted by hidden truths.

Every happy memory glazed over by bad intentions.

Every affectionate kiss amiss, false promises of bliss.

You took my hand, not to hold me close but, to lead me into darkness.

You embraced me, not share your warmth but, to keep yourself warm.

You stood over me, not to protect me but, to mark your property.

Your purpose was never admiration it was domination.

Your goal to tear me down to build yourself up.

Your persistence against my resistance was not a sign of interest.

It was simply to conquer me, to tear my walls down.

It was to suppress someone you felt was powerful.

It was to absorb all my strength to leave me weak.

Little did you know I would recover from the pain with so much to gain.

Little did you know I would find a greater love in God and myself.

Little did you know I would heal from all the hurt that was dealt.

Yes, everything we had was a lie

But now I know why.

And now I…

Am unbreakable.


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Work To Win


It takes real work to get what you want out of life. Dreams are achieved by getting in the game and getting dirty, not by sitting on the sidelines wishing for a chance…


More pride than you have things to be proud of? Go figure! I’m going to need you to take a seat and reconfigure that mindset. Go back and quick check your sensibilities to determine where you lost your senses. As it’s nonsensical to hang onto pretenses of being “too good” for something when you have so little to show in support of your arrogance. Or is that the real issue here? That you have so much to fear so you hide behind pride asking the lord ‘why’ when the faulty mechanism is in your own thought process? How can so many things be beneath you when you are already at the bottom refusing to see your position and unwilling to do anything to fix it? Do you enjoy the solitude of your ingratitude? Your inability to move forward because you’re too fixated on the easy way out that you fail to make any progress at all. Understandably afraid to fall, yet irrationally stagnant. Making no moves to make a difference a victim of your bad habits. Stalemate on your fate. Obstacles making you irate, but you sit and wait for them to move themselves instead of getting up and pushing. You cry out that life is hard, cold, cruel and unfair while never giving yourself a fair chance to fare well. Leaving everything to circumstance rather than taking the reins and attaining success.  Life isn’t about winning the race on the first go. If that were so, there’d be no journey left. People just sitting on the finish line withering away having done their best. So, what’s next? If only you would listen there would be some recognition that ambition is the mission, now find out why its missing. Run after it full force and change the course of your internal discourse. Reach deep down within to admit your inadequacies alter the inaccuracies and WIN.

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Regret is futile. It does nothing except add dead weight to our existence, causing us to lug around unnecessary baggage…


There’s no love lost when there’s no love to be found.

You can’t miss out on something that was never around.

Confusion speaking volumes, rationality makes no sound.

Tortured by twisted thoughts, thinking the pairing was profound.

Whispered sweet nothings that held no solid ground.

Shattered hearts, piercing screams, inside skeletal walls resound.

System overloaded firewall protection has been downed.

Mistaken for a noble one revealed to be nothing but a hound.

Looking for an escape but by your guilt you’re tightly bound.

Holding back the tears until they cause the soul to drown.

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The Bigger Person


Being the bigger person should not be attributed to weakness. In fact, it takes all the strength in the world to face conflict with a shrug and a smile…


Kill them with kindness. Let the smiles pierce their souls poking holes in their bitterness, until it seeps from their pores onto the floor in dirty little mud puddles. Fighting fire with fire only feeds the flames. Stay ahead of the game by trying on compassion instead to tame the rage of angry foes; faking bold to placate potential rivals. Avoid the urge to meet them on their lower levels, breaking your back just to attack people who lack tact and already positioned beneath you. When you know your place, you save face by not acting in haste and wasting space in your day for disgraced haters spitting displaced anger at you. Who are mad simply because you are glad and choose not to carry the baggage of resentment and envy. Because even when you have nothing you’re grateful for the plenty of other things there are in this world to be happy about. Let the fury be their burden to bare. Share only the positive parts of you so that karma works its magic in your favor while they, on the other hand, are forced to pay up later.

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The pitiful thing shivers with fear rattling sharp fingernails against the metal bars surrounding it. Thick fleshy tail whipping side to side in a frenzy. Beady charcoal eyes quiver erratically in it’s skull; pupils wide with adrenaline. Long gnarled teeth gnaw at the bars snapping sharply. Vicious bites in attempt to set itself free, the grinding of bone on steel slicing away at tufts of fur revealing a raw pink undercoat. Dark blood oozes out the side of its mouth running down its convulsing body soaking it in sticky gore. One last ditch effort at gnashing its way out before it bows its head and slumps down onto the grimy floor; human-like in its acceptance of defeat.  

Bearing to watch it suffer any longer, a helping hand emerges from the corner of the dimly lit room. A clink of metal as the latch is lifted. It cocks its head taking in a whiff of hope wafting from the open door, arousing sensation from its battered brain. Shaky legs begin their crawl towards the exit, thankful for the escape. Every step accompanied by excruciating pain…

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Don’t Resent, Repent


The Enlightenment that came with the Faith is undeniable and irreplaceable…


I used to resent God for what he would take away from me never realizing every time he took he would leave blessings behind. He never took anything away from me that I needed. Only things I thought I wanted but served me no good. Objects, places, and faces that I couldn’t seem to erase or replace with positive counterparts. I was fixated on anyone and anything new that came into my life even if their effect was toxic. Poisons taking over my system making me a victim of my addictions. Then the script was rewritten, and I started to listen. Whispered words of God brought to fruition the mission for my remission from sinful decision. As painful as the incision –the ripping, the splitting, the tearing away-- was I stayed focused on the cause and a vision for better living. Now I’m steady winning while your wheels are spinning, seething venom at the sky then asking the lord why when the spit falls back down and hits you in the eye.

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Learning and growing from changing and knowing more everyday…


I want it and I want it now!
Not knowing how to settle down
Face furrowing into frowns
When I don’t get my way
Because tomorrow isn’t promised
So why the hell should I wait
For fate?
Irate in contemplation
Desperation for desires to be met
I can’t seem to forget
So, I fret
The insistent thoughts replaying
Delaying my progress for patience
Postponing the maintenance
Of my peace
Insisting that I get a piece
Before its even ready to be had
I get mad
Instead of letting go
When I know
What is meant to be will be
And cannot be forced by my discourse
Demanding it be so
I must outgrow
The frustration
To achieve elevation

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Get your magic on…


Dreams are your subconscious speaking to you. All your innermost thoughts and universal messages compacted into a sleep cycle of either absolute chaos and fear or unprecedented and exciting adventure. Listen to them speak, seek wisdom from their metaphors. From the sentiments you choose to ignore which manifest themselves in your psyche when you are dozing. Do they feel like warnings; foreboding atmospheres of tension and strife? Lightning whipping across grey skies casting light upon your darkest of views. Or more like thrilling escapades; a surreal escape from the tedious tasks of your waking world? Cerebral vacations to the most picturesque islands of sensational emotions. Whimsical tales of delight illuminating your core making you beam from ear to ear resenting the moment when you must snap back into your painfully redundant reality. Pay close attention to the symbolism that presents itself in your dreams; the images, the colors, the objects, the people, animals, and feelings. Are the doors of opportunity closing in on you or opening to other realms of magical insight? Everything means something and can be translated for your use when you are awake to face the day. Use what you learn to guide you. To learn what it is that your heart truly desires and what it is that you should steer away from. Develop a true connection between your subconscious and conscious mind and you will gain phenomenal power unlike any other in existence.

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Rest In Peace



Sometimes letting go is necessary. Make the act as painless as possible…


Ever plan a funeral for your feelings? Not just bury them but lay them to rest, no regrets? Having done your best so there’s no suppression, no shame, no guilt, no incessant depression. No throwing yourself on the casket crying and pleading that they never leave. No animosity for all the times they unintentionally made you bleed. Forgiveness at the forefront absolute harmony with the lives that they lived for you had so much to give and they simply did not make it.  No resuscitation, no hesitation, no chemo just letting them go for the greater good, their passing deeply understood. No hospice to prolong the inevitable just appreciation of the lessons they taught you; the journey unforgettable. No weary eyes begging for another chance or holding onto broken pieces just releasing the deceased so that they cease in peace.

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To Try


Yoda said it best, wise ole Yoda. The smartest statements come from the smallest bodies. I would know... 


To try or not to try? That is the question. For there is no such thing, really, as “going to try”. You either are or are not going to do what is implied. To say that you will try is a cop out; an excuse for not doing it wholeheartedly or simply a premediated response for when you fail and are too embarrassed to admit that you could not do what was promised in the first place. Own your shit and either do it or don’t. People often say ‘try’ to relinquish themselves of the burden of responsibility. So that when the task at hand is not successful they can simply say “I told you I would try”. What does that even mean anyway? It sounds like you are already indicating that you will not do your best and if that’s the truth then say that instead. Say, “I will not do my best to meet your needs, I will half-ass get this work done”. But of course, people will deflect from using such statements as they directly hold them accountable to their bullshit and we all know people just love to skate around their real issues.

Projection, deflection, misdirection: people will point in every direction instead of inwards. Sweetie if you can’t do something it is quite alright. Maybe in admitting that you cannot you will receive the guidance that will allow you to be able to do so. But saying you will try when you know damn well you are incapable, aren’t ready, or just don’t want to, is an evasion of accountability not a noble act of humility. When you speak aloud lies such as these they stunt your ability to grow. They become safety blankets keeping you warm during times when the cold would have taught you a better lesson in survival. Affirmations are important because they inspire action, precisely why one must say what they mean and mean what they say. Know yourself well enough so that you speak your truth and do not mislead others or allow yourself to be misled in return. For it is quite simple to understand that if you do not want to do something you will not, and if you do, you will do everything in your power to achieve it. Believe this.


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If a Tree Falls


The answers you seek are within the skeletal walls of your own head…


If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? The answer to that is more profound than what is initially expected from the question. Many people argue that ‘no’ it does not because there is no one around to confirm the noise, but tell me, does that take away from the fact that it happened? The tree fell. We know that’s a fact, so why is the lack of people around a factor in acknowledging that the cause had an effect? People are far too reliant on one another’s approval when it comes to things of this nature. A tree falling undoubtedly makes a sound. Whether someone was there to receive those vibrations and internalize them as audible is irrelevant.

If you do something you are extremely proud of, but no one recognizes your accomplishments does it mean you have succeeded? If your answer is ‘no’ to that as well then you are unfortunately a defeatist; ready to accept failure at the whim of other’s opinions. On the journey of life, it doesn’t (or shouldn’t rather) matter what the hell anyone thinks but yourself. You are the sole proprietor of…


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