Don’t Resent, Repent


The Enlightenment that came with the Faith is undeniable and irreplaceable…


I used to resent God for what he would take away from me never realizing every time he took he would leave blessings behind. He never took anything away from me that I needed. Only things I thought I wanted but served me no good. Objects, places, and faces that I couldn’t seem to erase or replace with positive counterparts. I was fixated on anyone and anything new that came into my life even if their effect was toxic. Poisons taking over my system making me a victim of my addictions. Then the script was rewritten, and I started to listen. Whispered words of God brought to fruition the mission for my remission from sinful decision. As painful as the incision –the ripping, the splitting, the tearing away-- was I stayed focused on the cause and a vision for better living. Now I’m steady winning while your wheels are spinning, seething venom at the sky then asking the lord why when the spit falls back down and hits you in the eye.