The pitiful thing shivers with fear rattling sharp fingernails against the metal bars surrounding it. Thick fleshy tail whipping side to side in a frenzy. Beady charcoal eyes quiver erratically in it’s skull; pupils wide with adrenaline. Long gnarled teeth gnaw at the bars snapping sharply. Vicious bites in attempt to set itself free, the grinding of bone on steel slicing away at tufts of fur revealing a raw pink undercoat. Dark blood oozes out the side of its mouth running down its convulsing body soaking it in sticky gore. One last ditch effort at gnashing its way out before it bows its head and slumps down onto the grimy floor; human-like in its acceptance of defeat.  

Bearing to watch it suffer any longer, a helping hand emerges from the corner of the dimly lit room. A clink of metal as the latch is lifted. It cocks its head taking in a whiff of hope wafting from the open door, arousing sensation from its battered brain. Shaky legs begin their crawl towards the exit, thankful for the escape. Every step accompanied by excruciating pain causing it to slow its scurry to a steady patter. The anguish overriding the pleasure sensors triggered by the prospect of freedom. Panicked at its state of exhaustion, complete depletion of resources, and vulnerable after being weakened by its own attacks. An overwhelming heat boils up from the pit of its stomach causing it to hurl itself hissing in rage and terror, digging frightened claws into the skin of its savior, tearing chunks away in its pointed teeth.

Shrill screams of agony pierce the air beckoning hurried footsteps forward. A worried man charges into the room shooting the wretched critter blasting bits of bone and guts onto the marble floor. He rushes over to the fallen boy’s side.

“What are you doing in here David?! I told you that thing was dangerous!”

“But it looked so -so sad professor,” He winces.

“It can’t feel sadness. You’re the one who can feel and now look at you! You’re bleeding everywhere!” He dashes over to a nearby cabinet pulling out alcohol and bandages fumbling with the boxes in his haste.

“It just wanted to be free, I could tell. It was sick, and it looked scared I was only trying to help.”

“And look what your help has cost you”.

“Its not its fault it was locked up”.

“Now tell me, what do you know about it that tells you it didn’t deserve to be locked up?” The professor retorted while tending to his gaping wounds.

“Owww!” David yells when the alcohol meets his flesh. “Nothing I guess…I guess I just felt bad.” He gives his gashes a once-over. “It was a stupid decision”.

He grabs the boy by his chin and turns to face him head-on. “Listen to me clearly. You cannot show remorse to those savages, they are not to be trusted. Because the moment you give them the chance, they will bite that helping hand”.

David sighs “I thought it would be happy that I let it out”.

“It’s alright boy it’s not your fault. Some creatures are meant to be caged because even when they’re not enclosed they’re still a prisoner to their poisonous thoughts”.