The Bigger Person


Being the bigger person should not be attributed to weakness. In fact, it takes all the strength in the world to face conflict with a shrug and a smile…


Kill them with kindness. Let the smiles pierce their souls poking holes in their bitterness, until it seeps from their pores onto the floor in dirty little mud puddles. Fighting fire with fire only feeds the flames. Stay ahead of the game by trying on compassion instead to tame the rage of angry foes; faking bold to placate potential rivals. Avoid the urge to meet them on their lower levels, breaking your back just to attack people who lack tact and already positioned beneath you. When you know your place, you save face by not acting in haste and wasting space in your day for disgraced haters spitting displaced anger at you. Who are mad simply because you are glad and choose not to carry the baggage of resentment and envy. Because even when you have nothing you’re grateful for the plenty of other things there are in this world to be happy about. Let the fury be their burden to bare. Share only the positive parts of you so that karma works its magic in your favor while they, on the other hand, are forced to pay up later.