If a Tree Falls


The answers you seek are within the skeletal walls of your own head…


If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? The answer to that is more profound than what is initially expected from the question. Many people argue that ‘no’ it does not because there is no one around to confirm the noise, but tell me, does that take away from the fact that it happened? The tree fell. We know that’s a fact, so why is the lack of people around a factor in acknowledging that the cause had an effect? People are far too reliant on one another’s approval when it comes to things of this nature. A tree falling undoubtedly makes a sound. Whether someone was there to receive those vibrations and internalize them as audible is irrelevant.

If you do something you are extremely proud of, but no one recognizes your accomplishments does it mean you have succeeded? If your answer is ‘no’ to that as well then you are unfortunately a defeatist; ready to accept failure at the whim of other’s opinions. On the journey of life, it doesn’t (or shouldn’t rather) matter what the hell anyone thinks but yourself. You are the sole proprietor of your assets the value of such commodities cannot be dependent on the likes of people. As people are finicky, easily influenced, and typically too focused on what they don’t have to give you any credit for what you do. Your gifts are invaluable and should be treated as such.

Fuck what the consensus is, it’s far too easy to follow trends. Paving your own way is the true testament of strength, so if you find that you have done that give yourself a hearty pat on the back and be proud of what you have achieved. You don’t NEED anyone to confirm that for you. It is quite possible that you WANT it though. Yet that, in and of itself, should be questioned. Why is it that you crave validation from others while you steadily doubt yourself? That is the surest recipe for disaster and self-sabotage: the constant seeking of consent to move forward forever keeping you stagnant. Reach a place of self-love, self-support, self-efficiency and I promise the positive vibrations you emit from being whole will attract the energies that will benefit you.

When you proceed through life without having to cosign every move you make you will find that you are most free. Instead of filling the missing pieces with other people’s thoughts and ideas, you will set your own standards and measures of happiness and success. That way if someone gives up on you, walks away, or does not believe in you, you will not feel broken or alone. As you will be enough. So, does the falling tree make a sound? My response is…who gives a shit?? Reality is subjective anyway, come up with your own answer and do something wonderful with it!