Fed up...



Hot tears rolled down her pretty porcelain face

Head bowed shamefully in disgrace

She felt a twinge of guilt she could not place

And when he took her hand, her heart began to race

He stared into her eyes and told her what she wanted to hear

That he would love and protect her, that she had nothing left to fear

He promised to be by her side; thick and thin throughout the years

He swore he wouldn’t be like the others who would slowly disappear

She swallowed all the lies and ate up the bullshit that was fed

No one ever seemed to care before, so she believed all that was said

She dismissed the doubt she felt inside and, so instead,

Lay sprawled with her legs spread wide across the bed

She sold her soul to him blindfolded by his words

He never let her leave the house, kept her caged just like a bird

Her sole purpose was to serve him, he was mad, it was absurd

She took it like a man and suffered beatings undeserved

Once more, as usual, he thrust her down upon the cotton sheet

This miserable girl who was unloved, so quiet and so meek

Was sick of feeling helpless, powerless, and weak

Slid her hands under the pillow letting her conscience speak

Her heart slowly dropped then quickened up its pace

Drenched in sweat her adrenaline began to race

She felt a twinge of guilt again she couldn’t seem to place

Finally fed up she cocked back and blew off the bastard’s face

The misery she felt within instantly erased