I Pray


The fascination with people outside of ones self can be a dangerous distraction. I understand you now, Jack, cut them all out to bring yourself back…


Blocked blessings from having my head in the clouds. Opportunities knocking begging me to come back down to Earth. I floated too far away one day and stayed there drifting along: a prisoner to circumstance and sappy love songs. I’m sorry universe I know you want to see more from me, I didn’t mean to put the cycle on repeat I thought I was acting differently. And I was, but the outcome seems to be the same so what do I change? Something must be done or undone to set it straight. A brand-new take to unite me with fate. Instead of painful predictions proven right, bring me insightful surprises that inspire delight. There’s more than what meets the eye I know; more to believe than what I’m told. I need to pick up my pen and write my own chapter. To ensure I get my happily ever after. A tale to tell of marvelous things: of laughter and joy, and dreams that spread wings and soar. Here me roar! From rooftops to mountain tops there is no stopping me. Once I hop on that pearly paved path to destiny, I will face greatness. I have forsaken my purpose in the chase of temptations. The distractions deemed worthless, as nothing lies beneath the surface but curtness. I must get back to the mission at hand and listen to my true calling. Put on the blinders and prevent me from falling astray. For this is my wish so I pray. The rest of the pieces will follow someday.