To Try


Yoda said it best, wise ole Yoda. The smartest statements come from the smallest bodies. I would know... 


To try or not to try? That is the question. For there is no such thing, really, as “going to try”. You either are or are not going to do what is implied. To say that you will try is a cop out; an excuse for not doing it wholeheartedly or simply a premediated response for when you fail and are too embarrassed to admit that you could not do what was promised in the first place. Own your shit and either do it or don’t. People often say ‘try’ to relinquish themselves of the burden of responsibility. So that when the task at hand is not successful they can simply say “I told you I would try”. What does that even mean anyway? It sounds like you are already indicating that you will not do your best and if that’s the truth then say that instead. Say, “I will not do my best to meet your needs, I will half-ass get this work done”. But of course, people will deflect from using such statements as they directly hold them accountable to their bullshit and we all know people just love to skate around their real issues.

Projection, deflection, misdirection: people will point in every direction instead of inwards. Sweetie if you can’t do something it is quite alright. Maybe in admitting that you cannot you will receive the guidance that will allow you to be able to do so. But saying you will try when you know damn well you are incapable, aren’t ready, or just don’t want to, is an evasion of accountability not a noble act of humility. When you speak aloud lies such as these they stunt your ability to grow. They become safety blankets keeping you warm during times when the cold would have taught you a better lesson in survival. Affirmations are important because they inspire action, precisely why one must say what they mean and mean what they say. Know yourself well enough so that you speak your truth and do not mislead others or allow yourself to be misled in return. For it is quite simple to understand that if you do not want to do something you will not, and if you do, you will do everything in your power to achieve it. Believe this.