Rest In Peace



Sometimes letting go is necessary. Make the act as painless as possible…


Ever plan a funeral for your feelings? Not just bury them but lay them to rest, no regrets? Having done your best so there’s no suppression, no shame, no guilt, no incessant depression. No throwing yourself on the casket crying and pleading that they never leave. No animosity for all the times they unintentionally made you bleed. Forgiveness at the forefront absolute harmony with the lives that they lived for you had so much to give and they simply did not make it.  No resuscitation, no hesitation, no chemo just letting them go for the greater good, their passing deeply understood. No hospice to prolong the inevitable just appreciation of the lessons they taught you; the journey unforgettable. No weary eyes begging for another chance or holding onto broken pieces just releasing the deceased so that they cease in peace.