When you tried to bury me six feet under hoping I was dead, but sparked my rebirth instead…


Everything we had was a lie.

Every moment we shared tainted by hidden truths.

Every happy memory glazed over by bad intentions.

Every affectionate kiss amiss, false promises of bliss.

You took my hand, not to hold me close but, to lead me into darkness.

You embraced me, not share your warmth but, to keep yourself warm.

You stood over me, not to protect me but, to mark your property.

Your purpose was never admiration it was domination.

Your goal to tear me down to build yourself up.

Your persistence against my resistance was not a sign of interest.

It was simply to conquer me, to tear my walls down.

It was to suppress someone you felt was powerful.

It was to absorb all my strength to leave me weak.

Little did you know I would recover from the pain with so much to gain.

Little did you know I would find a greater love in God and myself.

Little did you know I would heal from all the hurt that was dealt.

Yes, everything we had was a lie

But now I know why.

And now I…

Am unbreakable.