Work To Win


It takes real work to get what you want out of life. Dreams are achieved by getting in the game and getting dirty, not by sitting on the sidelines wishing for a chance…


More pride than you have things to be proud of? Go figure! I’m going to need you to take a seat and reconfigure that mindset. Go back and quick check your sensibilities to determine where you lost your senses. As it’s nonsensical to hang onto pretenses of being “too good” for something when you have so little to show in support of your arrogance. Or is that the real issue here? That you have so much to fear so you hide behind pride asking the lord ‘why’ when the faulty mechanism is in your own thought process? How can so many things be beneath you when you are already at the bottom refusing to see your position and unwilling to do anything to fix it? Do you enjoy the solitude of your ingratitude? Your inability to move forward because you’re too fixated on the easy way out that you fail to make any progress at all. Understandably afraid to fall, yet irrationally stagnant. Making no moves to make a difference a victim of your bad habits. Stalemate on your fate. Obstacles making you irate, but you sit and wait for them to move themselves instead of getting up and pushing. You cry out that life is hard, cold, cruel and unfair while never giving yourself a fair chance to fare well. Leaving everything to circumstance rather than taking the reins and attaining success.  Life isn’t about winning the race on the first go. If that were so, there’d be no journey left. People just sitting on the finish line withering away having done their best. So, what’s next? If only you would listen there would be some recognition that ambition is the mission, now find out why its missing. Run after it full force and change the course of your internal discourse. Reach deep down within to admit your inadequacies alter the inaccuracies and WIN.