Get your magic on…


Dreams are your subconscious speaking to you. All your innermost thoughts and universal messages compacted into a sleep cycle of either absolute chaos and fear or unprecedented and exciting adventure. Listen to them speak, seek wisdom from their metaphors. From the sentiments you choose to ignore which manifest themselves in your psyche when you are dozing. Do they feel like warnings; foreboding atmospheres of tension and strife? Lightning whipping across grey skies casting light upon your darkest of views. Or more like thrilling escapades; a surreal escape from the tedious tasks of your waking world? Cerebral vacations to the most picturesque islands of sensational emotions. Whimsical tales of delight illuminating your core making you beam from ear to ear resenting the moment when you must snap back into your painfully redundant reality. Pay close attention to the symbolism that presents itself in your dreams; the images, the colors, the objects, the people, animals, and feelings. Are the doors of opportunity closing in on you or opening to other realms of magical insight? Everything means something and can be translated for your use when you are awake to face the day. Use what you learn to guide you. To learn what it is that your heart truly desires and what it is that you should steer away from. Develop a true connection between your subconscious and conscious mind and you will gain phenomenal power unlike any other in existence.