If I Get to Know

…it be that I wash my face so well

So I see beneath man’s handsome face 

Let it be that I train my heart to tell 

When a man is lying so I flee with pace


Should my emotions ever take heed 

I may live alone but not to be broken 

But my heart yearns to bleed 

Stubbornly I allow my self to be taken 


In brief joy, I vowed to be loyal 

To a love that will on live by the day 

The night came and his demon was fatal

Heartless and cruel he pushed me…

By Hamza Ayub

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Behind The Words

…woke up this morning wanting to write warmly to you. I had half of a poem written,

When I realised that I had been merely placing words together.

There was no truth behind them.

No feeling being drug up from the depths of my gut.

No passion in that place that exists behind the words.


Because such a place surely exists.


It is a dark hole that is never-ending.

It is talon fingers

That tickle our brain when eating poetry,

One juicy simile at a time.

The chewing gum sentence that sticks fervently to the side of our…

By Lindsay Brown

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December Winds

Song lyrics. A link to the music can be found here: https://youtu.be/2qTFg2e-Iqo


…came in a flurry, 

Brought by December winds;

A spark that I'd buried away.


And that spark burned ages ago,

But I shut my eyes and let it go.

Yet, somehow I've found it again.


Can't we rewind the story?

Can't we turn back the page?

All these questions I'm after 

Are suddenly standing in my way.

Can't I melt the frost around you?

This time, I won't run away.

As the winter snow falls,

I'm reminded of all we could save.


You're eyes were a…

By Theresa Redmond

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The turning of the bones

This poem talks about the pain the poet has been passing through since he lost his fiancee to the cold hands of death. The poet now wish to unearthed his fiancee who died seven years before he puts this piece down and feel like to dance with her again. The poet now to have believed in famadihana, a practice of unearthed the deads to once again merry.


…dear, my love you were

Into sunset, thou art gone

Tears, my eyes flooded

Famadihana now, my belief

To unearth you, oh love

Thy finger, where placed my ring

To be kissed and…

By Obotu Okoh

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Sometimes, we see ourselves lost in the darkness even though we are really in the light.


…fumbled around in the darkness, praying for a sign.

Her hands felt nothing as she grazed the cool wooden floor.

Her eyes burned from the tears and her breathing quickened.

She cries in silence, not making a sound.

Silence filled the room.

Silent is remained for the rest of the night.

She read stories of how dawn broke curses.

But she knew better than that.

Her body spazzed in the darkness.

It was the only way that she knew she was still a…

By Transcending Thoughts

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To Live With You Forever

…I see you my heart beats faster

Your presence makes the environment livelier

The normal talk with others but with you the pace gets faster

And often times I wonder what just happened as I am lost in your thoughts that I forget what's here and there.


I love you my sweetheart and I want you

I want to get married and live the rest of the life with you

I know there gonna be ups and downs

But let's promise that no matter what we will stand strong by each other's side and never fade away like a sand…

By Moin Uddin

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He Walks

The poem is a journey of 2 hours long journey of secondary level student from his home to school where his maturity speaks that education hasn't taught.


…hasn't read Frost

but walks hours before he sleep.

He is not informed about Joyce

but says that he walks to meet himself.

He is heedless about Herog

still, walks to save some life.

He has no idea about Bronte

but he walks twice the same distance there and back.

He hasn't flip through "Open City"

still, he pays attention to where is he and where is he going?

He knows nothing about…

By Mayaa

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Final Words eventually...

…wish you were here

I wanted you as you’re my sun

But talking to you now is my fear

As you’re with her and I’m done 

I cry as I see our memories in the mirror 

Whenever I get the courage you just shun

I'll just wait til you’re ready 

No one is perfect as you

You haunt my dreams as you’re Freddy 

This is just a fluke 

I wish I could hold you like a teddy

Cry into you when I don’t know what to do 

But how long would I have to wait?

Either way I’ll never…

By Anonymous

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Lake Cabin Day

Looking through the cabin windows, the lake gave me this visual.


…on the water, winds drive waves upon the rocks

Brightly colored water toys swept off their spots on docks

Boats are safely brought ashore, secure away from shoals

Laundry in from clotheslines, among the stated goals

Tools that rest near projects, gathered up and put in sheds

Garden gloves collected from the bordered flower beds.


Though the sun is shining, in the distance still a haze

Local knowledge tells of how the wind could last for days

The far shore just a grey-green line that clouds are trying to…

By James Geehring

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They’re Circles in Life?

…circles in life that hold so much joy that one’s mind

Prays for time to become stationary, so that the revolutionary

Position presenting itself will pause, joy dances around and

Through every soul becoming to us a DNA component, or, again

the twice pronouncement of whom our appearance is likened.


Though request are made and expectations hold high compassions

Thoughtfulness, the circle of life continues on its circular journey

Forever introducing varying situations in teaching-learning in perspectives

Perceptions time signature. For those of us knowing how fleetingly

Absent joy can be, we solidly understand gravities…

By Rodney Rollins

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