…friends have nicknamed me Houdini.

I have the uncanny ability to make lovers disappear without a trace

With nothing but magic words and the ripping of a sheet.

They dematerialize into nothing but molecules and isotopes

And are swept up in the unforgiving wind produced when I utter the words:

“I can’t do this anymore.”

My magic is most proficient when my mind starts playing tricks on me.

It produces false pretenses, and speaks stories of treason,

Giving me the sign that the show is about to begin.

“Would anyone from the crowd like to…

By Vincent Midolo

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One Summer


as I fall behind

picking wild flowers

but later

you’ll be the first

to offer a vase

We’ll drink

the last of the apple wine

and together cook a feast

of what little we find

or maybe

we’ll make a run

to the local store

in search of an onion

or another ingredient

lately unaccounted for

then I’ll laugh

as you tally

incorrect change and complain

as I fall…

By Eve Paradise

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…he touches is golden

Every song he sings beholden

His fingertips touch the guitar strings

And shower his audience with sparkling rings

The heavens rejoice at his gentle tone

My heart races and I'm no longer alone

He gazes at the crowd enveloping me in his magic spell

Whether he really sees it's me I cannot tell

His stories speak to one deep within me

And his lullaby softly rocks me like a baby

No magic can compare to this

As he sweeps his listeners away in bliss

No magic can compare to…

By JK Forever

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…paths through my soul,

Voices of unknown people,

They all sound like hollow echoes,

Echoes from our haunted past and its mistakes,

I watch the darkness lay its paths out into my world and now,

Now I am afraid because this darkness belongs to those unseen,

Oh that sweet sound,

It's deep voice,

That calming embrace,

Slowing sinking into my blood,

Heating me up slowly bringing me to life,

I watched that darkness wash from my soul,

And sink down the drain,

A black liquid thick with pain,

It warms my heart,

My heart it almost beats,

Because this darkness…

By Marina Vos

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…awoke this morning from the bed where I had lain,

A sense of apprehension and anticipated pain.

I cannot find the weapons to combat a hurtful mind,

No thought of good to shield me, no prayer of any kind.

I pound a fist of rage within, no outlet can I see,

An ineffectual feeling that my mind will not let be.

I seek to find some happiness, or even restless peace;

Remembered thoughts from long ago, as light and soft as fleece.

Smiles and laughter’s echoes seem to fade beneath this pall,

The strengths on which I built in life…

By James Geehring

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Yet I Try

…wife croons softly, a song of light from our past

as I play make belief tea party with my daughters.

The elder one had to call me from my work desk twice

before I shut down my laptop. The little one laughs

that uninhibited laugh that us adults lost

a long time ago. The elder one looks

happy as she pours imaginary tea from her little

white pot into the miniature plastic cups, blue,

yellow and blue, that she has arranged in front

of the three players. A couple of minutes ago

I was recording them speak, sing and…

By Rajnish Mishra

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Dead Inside

…by the Eyes of the others,

Our mind devoirs our souls,

Slowly sinking,



No more light it fades away,

No more love it falls away,

No more time it ticks away,

No more blood it drains away,

Dead inside but with a smile,

Slowly bleeding words of beauty,

Slowly bleeding poetry,

From a hidden shadow deep within,

Pain courses through my veins,

Killing me slowly,

Killing me inside,

Slowly slinking from the path,

Normality nothing but a robot,

Normality nothing but a plan,

Normality a white sheet with the same marks…

By Marina Vos

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Sewing the Sacred Hymen

…a notable woman

Might seem like a great caption.

But, it is difficult

To capture how we feel as a woman.

Our existence is questioned

And we often question,

Why our bodies are treated like sacred instruments?

We can't pursue any sexual intentions.

We need to keep our sacred hymen sewed

So as to register ourselves as asexual,

Till we are forced into a legally contractual labour assignment called marriage.

Accredited stereotypes we often cross-question remain unanswered

Like our fantasies,

Which remain undiscovered.

The world is gruesome for Women

Who have participated in making history

Which is yet to be…

By Anupreeta Chatterjee

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Sad Air

…in the air can you feel it?

Calling your name

Holding your hand

In the night

Waking you up then

Breaking you down

Taking your world

Turning it upside down.

All this depression in the air can you feel it?

Darkness in your mind

No one wants to see

Monsters in the night

Only you can touch

Numbness in your

Heart only you can feel

Broken tears on the inside

Screams running down

Your hollow soul.

All this depression in the air can you feel it?

Pulling at you

Holding the strings?

Slowly breaking apart

Your heart like

Blue flames…

By Marina Vos

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Heartbeat Life

…sounds, a bleating heart

Throbs slow shallow but rhythmic mellow tone

Beeping geiger counter a faint monotone ticking

Gravitates gathering past emotions of the living

A singular indescript decaying spirit near death

Regaining or losing genuine senses & directions

A heartbeat desiring to pound louder, stronger

Acknowledging each moment as more valuable

An impossible timeless journey venturing alone

Emotionless, trapped in solitude missing beats

Excitement entertains with a fearful frightful leap

Longingly reviving a musical interlude symphony

Resounding harmony amidst a multitude of beats

Exposing a love starved mystical hearts throb

Strengthen veins vessels filled with vibrant life

Warmth swirling profoundly…

By Rose Huy Woolket

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The Golden Goblet

…your weary body

Drink from my golden goblet

The most delicate and finest of wines

A potion of wild raspberries, bitterness and jeering contempt

Assault the light that dare not shine

It is the elixir of a dispassionate heart

If you possess no fear

Taste the confectionery of sadness call

Where love frightened evades approach

Upon remembrance of the long dark fall

Sip from the golden goblet

Taste the cruel sweetness of pain

Damnation to those who denounce the motive behind the actions

Until the bed of anguish you have lain

But these rare wines have no equal in…

By Tammy M Darby

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…Rainbows in the Dust. Her hands, sift through the sanded confections, grasping for colored

connections that winded storms have covered in mistrust.


There is no Rain.


There is no Moisture.


There are no drops of wetness.


Only fine microscopic grains, that sit as


atonement dried by time but she never complains,

She forgives the



(She lives as Technicolor)


Dreaming in a black and white world that spins nothing more than Shades gray.

Her defenses and her senses is her crutch, she tastes the untouched smells the odor of wasted away.

(she sees pure) never can hate can hold her…

By Terry Dailey

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Friend’s Departure

…has come now,

For an ending, wow.

Your friendship will be no more,

Your absence will make things bore .

Gossips with friends,

Learning new trends.

Talks with us, you did ,

Forever, you are alive in our mind .

It's time to say you goodbye,

Hope you neither weep nor cry .

The time we spent together,

In pleasant and harsh weather.

I remember those days,

Enjoyable past with your's craze.

Hope would fill Our frienship's gap,

In the presence of the wonder whatsapp.

In your presence No one notices how we spent this year,

Wish you prosperous happy journey ahead my…

By Sahaj Sabharwal

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…have read

my fantasy

and sealed it

with a kiss

Into your eyes,

I gaze, and ask,

How is it

you know this?

You've found my

every sensation


within my soul

In your embrace,

you've claimed them all

My heart's

in your control

You've etched the scent

of endless love

into time's memory

And cast its essence

into my heart

and seen its

tender beauty

You became

the taste of love

Now you're

my nourishment

Having you

as sustenance


By Sharon Cunningham

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Catalyst for Rectal Fissures

…is no diatribe,

Just a skewed Mary Poppin's

"Spoon full of Sugar" type of poem

That's gonna ravage your sphincter

The way woodchippers on full-power

Do downed trees.

Don't hate me for telling it like it is...here.

Don't judge me for turning "once upon a time,"

or "Happy Trails" into a real-life Dante's Inferno

That so many pretend is not happening.

You know damn well it is, just look around you.

Soak in this abysmal broken-cage zoo

Of loosed human animals

Doing unspeakable things to each other

In the name of God & money.

Don't blame me for stitches…

By RJ Williams

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Into the Sunlight

…world still turns
My body still yearns
For that precious moment
That happens when I am about to fall asleep

Take me away from today’s misery
And propel me int tomorrow’s hope
Hold out what I need
And I will gladly climb the rope

Let the moon’s rays that cascade in soft light showers
On Earth cleanse my spirit and soul as my consciousness goes dead
Yet my mind is full and fed
Of dreams and ideas that arise in my mind after the day has died

While I am dreaming, let these thoughts
Cleanse and wash away
With soap…

By Tanya Brouse

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Other Side of the Rainbow

…exists on the other side of the rainbow,
beyond the spectrum of ordinary color,
where her vicious hues have been whitewashed for acceptability.
Desolate stains of purple that mirror the bruises upon her soul,
with violent gashes of maroon depicting the murder of her heart.
Gloomy orange shades of the calm before the storm,
mingle with the sickening yellow hues of festering pain.
The grotesque greens of a jaded intellect,
choke off the blue-black tones of a bleak moonless night.
She exists on the other side of the rainbow,
In darkened shades of chaos,
beyond the spectrum of ordinary…

By L.E.

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Hands of Fate

…light starts to fade,
My final words about to slip and I say,
Hold me now hands of Fate, guide me into the unknown,
Show me your grace,
Tell the ones I love that I'm always near,
Show them the peace of the unknown,
Laying here as the light begins to fade,
Holding on till my last breath won't someone see I'll be happy now,
I'll be at peace,
In the end, isn't it that, that makes sense?
Hold me now hands of Fate as my soul starts to
Depart from this earthly hell we call life,
Oh hold me…

By Marina Vos

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Smartphone’s Addiction

…fake nor a lie,

Spectacles are seen on everyone's eye.

At shop, office, home or sitting alone,

No work done today in the absence of smart phone.

Youth, middle age or old,

Looks like they all watching mobile phones recklessly, with their brain sold.

Student's grades are getting low,

At last they just say Oh! no,

Holding their teacher's and parent\'s toe,

Ensuring that they will enhance, Just in flow.

Everyone has become smartphone's addict,

After realization of time wasted on it,

Our mind say Oh! shit.

On proper utilization of smartphone,

We will definitely get a full fledged…

By Sahaj Sabharwal

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