Taylor Amber Rose

Venomous Repentance

To anyone who has ever been sexually abused... you are not alone. You are not your wounds and I pray that you heal as best that you can.


…invited you to come take a seat with me on this branch and for some reason you felt the need to push me. You shoved me and I know you believe that by doing so you released whatever demons that lay inside of you. Perhaps you thought that the words that came out of your mouth would somehow dissolve your actions into the night…

By Taylor Amber Rose

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Barely a Breeze

…finger tips touch the walls of my cage and I whisper, “Madness is like gripping a railing on a spiraling staircase knowing it doesn’t have a platform on either end”.

“Baby, what do you mean by that?” My husband startles me while pushing past the door to my side.

A voice whispers, “Distract him” and so I do.

“Oh my love, you’re back! I was just playing with words. You know me.” I embrace him and he’s distracted.

“Look what you’ve done with this room, it’s beautiful” he exclaims…. “Your nurse is so kind to you and look at all…

By Taylor Amber Rose

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Day Dreaming

…spot in my mind knocking. Some nights it pounds so loud I get sad. Sad I don’t have what it takes to let a part of me seep through. Never have I ever felt comfortable enough to answer the call in front of others. I close my eyes tight at night and I know the darkness brings it peace. It can roam free in my dreams, frolicking in the beauty of the world I can’t visit during the day. Sometimes I startle myself awake and wonder what life would be like if it wasn’t held captive. Sometimes I wonder what…

By Taylor Amber Rose

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