James Geehring


Trying to overcome my humility.


…certain that, before there was a you, there was a me.

I’m more important than the rest, that should be plain to see.

In order in the human pile, I must be on the top,

As others climb their ladders, but still just below me stop.

You know, if it was not for me, the “you” would have no meaning,

So get in line and follow the direction which I’m leaning.

Follow close, don’t fall behind, as we go ‘round the bend

No lifeguard waiting at life’s pool while diving in deep end.

Don’t worry, I’m your leader and I…

By James Geehring

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Written from a hole I was not sure I would ever get out of.


…is the spark I think I see

In others, but don’t see in me

The taste of smiles, life’s joyous zest

Why can’t I feel like all the rest?

I play my part, no understudy,

Unending search for friend or buddy

Vicarious scenes from other’s lives

A few brief sparks, my soul derives.

At times I weep, no point or thought

Perhaps from deeds I’ve done or wrought

And yet with life, I can’t connect

Emotions viewed quite circumspect.

As others’ feelings generate

I search within, a rising hate

The inability to show concern

Deep feelings aren’t a thing to…

By James Geehring

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…never overtaken with goodness,

It’s only so with sadness

Consuming thoughts and emotional mulch,

A dismal sort of madness.

My movements slow and purposeful,

No joy to hurry pace

And even lifting eyes from ground

The effort shows in face.

This pool of sadness, deep in mind

Why do I tarry there?

I know the path that leads away

From tears besodden lair.

Why must I fight within myself

To keep from feeling low

Trying to shield my happy thoughts

From sorrow’s heavy blow.

I find a brighter path to walk

Away from woeful pit

Yet tricky maps within my…

By James Geehring

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Small Gifts

…barometer is dropping, skies are filled with scudding clouds

Which gather into towers, bottoms dark as funeral shrouds

Winds, that once were calm, now cause the flags to stand out straight

And whip the water into waves with faces dark as slate.

The smell of dampened pavement, on the breeze, precedes the rain

Then one by one cloud’s droplets fall on dry earth as a stain.

Sheets of water follow, sharp lines are less defined

Gutters overflowing, their grates with twigs entwined.

Playing, splashing children, soaked to skin, they are not shy

Their parents with umbrellas, shoulders hunched, to keep…

By James Geehring

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…awoke this morning from the bed where I had lain,

A sense of apprehension and anticipated pain.

I cannot find the weapons to combat a hurtful mind,

No thought of good to shield me, no prayer of any kind.

I pound a fist of rage within, no outlet can I see,

An ineffectual feeling that my mind will not let be.

I seek to find some happiness, or even restless peace;

Remembered thoughts from long ago, as light and soft as fleece.

Smiles and laughter’s echoes seem to fade beneath this pall,

The strengths on which I built in life…

By James Geehring

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In Front of Beyond

…coming ‘cross a rainbow, matters not if rich or poor

You feel like you’re the only one to see its’ beauty pure.

A vantage point unique to you, grey scumbled clouds behind

The poetry of light plays on the screen that is our mind.

Searching skies for sunbeams, which birthed the brilliant bow,

Eyes slide down prismatic bands to find its’ source below

No matter if we see the arc complete or just a part

It’s nature’s basic building blocks, primary colored art.

And even in the brightest sun, ends trail off in the mist

With thoughts of wealth and…


By James Geehring

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…joy on the faces of children, the love in the eyes of a dog

The flames as they dance in the fireplace, peeking out from the spaces in logs,

The wave as it breaks on the shoreline, the wind as it sings through the tree

The truest of feelings bestowed on our hearts, the best things in life are quite free.

No price of admission for our minds and our eyes, yet still a small tab for our time,

The hours and the minutes fall out of life’s purse, in an orderly manner sublime.

Remember sun’s glint on a mountain’s…

By James Geehring

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The Quest

…two boulders, monolithic

Lone knight rides on quest, specific.

Heart’s desire, no lust for gold

Just TRUE love as in stories told.

Armor tarnished, dust of leagues

Love’s long journey, horse fatigues.

Resenting rest, yet needing sleep

Enters in to night’s safe keep.

New day has dawned, determination

Hope in breast, great expectation

Path by lake, so lonely long

Beckons with love’s siren song.

His treasure of desires, so near

Sweet flowered scents in air, calm fear.

In patch of sun, a grassy glade

By nearby copse, sits fair young maid.

Arms reach upward, lifting helm

Dismounts his steed, now…

By James Geehring

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Dark Side of the Moon

…walked, bright sun upon my back, towards penumbra hills

My path through dim lit shadows which the inky darkness kills.

And now our star is hidden, no more rays of glinting light,

Just glimmers from the cosmos to adorn the constant night.


No one from Earth can see me, on this darkened lunar plain

No questioning of thoughts or deeds to form my life’s refrain.

I’m safe away from world of woes, but know I am alone

I seek to build a ship to sail where cosmic winds have blown.


No earthly eyes to witness my escape, they cannot see…

By James Geehring

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Dawn's Early Light

…light not broken, still pitch black beyond the glass
The window’s act as mirrors where no outside visions pass.
Perhaps a time to ponder how I view my life and self
I reached for pen and paper which was stored upon the shelf.

Before I’d had the time to organize my thoughts in ink
My eyes began to notice hazy lines, quite dim and pink.
Reflections off the windows seemed to fight to stay opaque
Deep purple background silhouettes now follow darkness’ wake.

The sun had not yet shown its’ disk above horizon’s line
It’s glowing vanguard, chroma blues, not…

By James Geehring

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